After 20 years Sigma Healthcare revamped its platform


After 20 years Sigma Healthcare revamped its platform

Sigma Healthcare is a wholesale pharmaceutical company based in Australia, and it also owns two other pharmacy retail brands Guardian Pharmacy and Amcal. For the past 20 years, the company was using an outdated wholesale ordering platform, which was designed to cater to the needs of the warehouse. Recently, Sigma Healthcare revamped its e-commerce platform by making use of SAP Commerce Cloud and Qualtrics Customer Experience (CX). SAP Australia stated that Sigma Health, combined with CX, undertook the transformation work to provide top class digital experience. The company is already well known to provide a broad range of healthcare services and pharmaceutical products to more than 1,200 independent and branded pharmacies, with almost $3 billion in transactions every year.

Sigma Healthcare is implementing SAP as part of its growth plans, and it also wanted to create a seamless and intuitive ordering experience for its customers. Manual and complex processes were the working factors of Sigma’s previous system; this led to an increase in costs and frequent errors. Due to a gap in customer experience, the company was in search of a better customer experience model to bridge the gap between partners and the company. The main aim of Sigma was to create an intelligent platform to collect valuable insights and also provide personalized and up-to-date information on orders and pricing to customers.

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