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Weight-loss drug innovators hope to join the Wegovy train


Weight-loss drug innovators hope to join the Wegovy train

As Wegovy transforms the obesity market, pharmaceutical firms are hoping the resulting demand will boost demand for their older drugs.

Wegovy, a weight loss medication that was introduced in the U.S. in June 2021, when combined with dietary and exercise modifications, results in an average weight loss of 15%. Patients, investors, and even celebrities have shown interest in its effects.

However, Novo Nordisk, the Danish drugmaker that makes Wegovy, has struggled to meet the soaring U.S. demand, delaying a launch in the majority of Europe.

While a small percentage of patients do not respond to it, insurers and some national governments have also objected to its cost.

The U.S.-based developers Vivus and Currax Pharmaceuticals, whose medications have been available in the country for about ten years, anticipate profiting from the publicity and the supply crunch.

The treatments may continue to be hindered by side effects and lower efficacy, according to investors and scientists.

Vivus intends to introduce its medication, known as Qsiva in Europe and Qysmia in the United States, in the upcoming months in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Along with these nations, it has already received regulatory approval in the United States, Poland, and South Korea.

According to the company's chief executive John Amos, who spoke to reporters at the European Congress on Obesity last week in Dublin, Vivus has also provided evidence to the British regulator for the pill and is in discussions with regulators in a number of other European countries as well as in the Middle East and Mexico.

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