Hedvig enhances complete cloud-storage portfolio with New Integrations, Security, and All-flash Capabilities

hedvig enhances complete cloud storage portfolio with new integrations security and all flash capabilities

Hedvig has been busy the past few months. Its’ software defined storage (SDS) has been caught more than few eyes in the industry and it has now announced that it is ramping up offerings across its cloud storage portfolio. The company modernizing storage and accelerating enterprise adoption of private and hybrid clouds said that the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform version 3.0 was available in the open market.

“We’ve seen a sea change in customer requirements since we released the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform two years ago. Enterprises require a platform that significantly simplifies their IT infrastructure and operations,” said Avinash Lakshman, CEO and founder of Hedvig. 

The new release of its SDS platform have a number of upgrades including new end-to-end integrations, advanced security capabilities and enhancements added to its comprehensive suite of caching technologies. The new capabilities of 3.0, which are applied across Private, Hybrid and Multi-cloud Storage, will enable customers to store and protect virtualized, containerized, and backup workloads from a single platform. 

With more companies adopting SDS and multi-cloud storage, it is only becoming more apparent that the flexibility to accommodate primary and secondary data in a single platform is critical. All the new features in 3.0, like new certifications, plugins, encryption, auditing, multitenancy, and flash-caching capabilities, offers organizations an elastic storage system that runs on-premises, in the public cloud, or both.

“As more mainstream enterprises adopt software-defined storage, they seek technology that plugs into their existing architecture, natively protects against growing cybersecurity and compliance mandates, and future-proofs their infrastructure with innovations in flash technology,” added Avinash.