HPE’s Update in Flash Portfolio

hpes update in flash portfolio

HP Enterprise has introduced a major upgrade to its flash portfolio. It is adding a range of new products and data protection solutions. The new solution of all-flash data centers will benefit customers in a smooth transition. The new products include a midrange HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450 all-flash array, primary and secondary all-flash Nimble arrays, fifth generation HPE MSA storage and high-speed, cloud-connected StoreOnce data protection.

Along with these range of products, it also announced StoreOnce CloudBank. This gives customers a long-term retention solution. This comes at a much lower cost protection on multi-cloud destinations such as AWS, Azure or on-premises object storage. In addition to this, HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) has released a new Express Restore feature. This feature allows data recovery 15x times faster from both on and off premises StoreOnce repositories.

The HPE MSA 2052 and HPE MSA 2050 comes with maximum drive type of 10TB with storage expansion options of HPE MSA 2050 LFF Disk enclosure and SFF disk enclosure, along with storage controllers of 2 controllers per system. For customers in the mid-range, HPE will be introducing HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450. It is being referred to as high scalable, multi-tenant and performance rich all-flash platform. Looking through a performance perspective it hits almost 2 million IOPS at less than 1ms latency. For anyone who is looking for long term data retention solutions, StoreOnce CloudBank offers protection on multicloud destinations such as AWS, Azure or on-premises object storage.

The new line up of products will be available over the next couple of months.