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IBM sets its scope on cookieless retargeting


IBM sets its scope on cookieless retargeting

When people decline tracking cookies or use inherently-cookieless browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, it can prevent brands from reaching potential customers who may be interested in seeing their ads.

To tackle this addressability challenge, IBM recently ran a test campaign focused on retargeting B2B prospects across iOS and Safari in partnership with alternative identity provider ID5 and MediaMath. IBM and MediaMath are longtime partners, but this test was the first time IBM collaborated with ID5.

IBM’s Global Media channels and ad tech lead, Richard Brandolino, said cookie blocking was completely understandable and supported everybody’s right to make those choices. However, it limited the ability of brands to communicate with people who wished to share back with them.

Forget Chrome and the so-called cookieless future: Almost 40% of the US internet population already browses the internet with a cookieless browser.

IBM’s test campaign was part of a larger initiative the firm was running to promote its cloud and AI products to IT professionals.

Joe Quaglia, ID5’s VP of Sales and Business Development, said IBM had placed ads on desktop and mobile sites, including Android and iOS, and integrated the ID5 ID into product pages on IBM’s website.

The purpose of the test was to retarget B2B audiences that had previously visited the IBM site and who signaled interest in IBM products.

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