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Google improvises Wear OS smartwatches for more battery life


Google improvises Wear OS smartwatches for more battery life

Google is making efforts to help users save from trouble of charging their smartwatches myriad times in a day. The Wear OS will limit the smartwatches to switch on WiFi connection instantly after switching off Bluetooth.

In Google’s Wear OS, battery backup has been a serious problem and the company wants to address this issue in their next update for Wear OS. Google makes a new update for Wear OS wherein developers will get time to fine-tune their apps as per their convenience.

This feature will be available on Huawei Watch 2 and Huawei Watch 2 Classic for now. The main reasons for battery drain in Google’s OS is the background activities of apps and since this has been a major cause of concern, Google will curb the background activities by not syncing applications and games or make any updates when not in use, except when the smartwatch is charging.

Switching on Bluetooth or cellular connection for long time can reduce smartwatches battery backup. This IoT feature is of great help. After Wear OS gets the new update it will automatically turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular connection when users are not wearing the smartwatch. Google has not mentioned the exact time when the update kicks in.




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