Levi's smart jacket with Google has some new notifications features


Levi's smart jacket with Google has some new notifications features

A Google and Levi’s partnership had brought out the Jacquard smart jacket that was released a year ago. Now, there’s a new upgrade for the jacket that’s got to do with notifications. In case you forget your phone and stepped out of the house, the jacket will stop you and remind you to pick up the device.

The new feature is called Always Together and it will send out automatic alerts if the jacket moves too far away from the phone. And when the notification is triggered, it’s sent to both the IoT devices: the jacket and the smartphone. This means that the signature sleeve tag on your smart jacket will vibrate and blink, and the phone will also get a notification.

Previously, there was a manual option called find your phone when an assigned gesture could help you find your phone by ringing at full volume. The new feature is a smart move and also shows the upgrade to the smart outfit. Earlier this year, some more features were added to the Jacquard platform, like pin drops on a map to save locations and support for ride-sharing alerts.

It’s certain that smart jackets are a step toward smart outfits. The Levi’s Jacquard smart jacket is priced at $350 and is currently on sale. This might be the best time to go ahead and buy yourself one!

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