Qualcomm rolls out Vision Intelligence, an IoT platform with AI engine

qualcomm released vision intelligence

Vision Intelligence is the new Internet of Things platform. This platform is special to the family of system-on-chips (SOC) and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) engine coupled with an arm-based CPU to do processing at the network edge instead of that in cloud.

 “This is what customers have been asking for,” said Joseph Bousaba, Qualcomm’s vice president of product management. “They want advanced capabilities like AI or machine learning, but they want it at the edge. Because of the low latency and the responsiveness, the device is much faster.”

Qualcomm’s flagship product is Vision Intelligence, and it has taken a while to create a cutting edge SOC platform because such kind of compute engine has not existed till date. The QCS605 and QCS603 SoCs have Qualcomm’s image signal processor as well as its AI engine. Qualcomm’s AI Engine incorporates the company’s Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine software framework.

Additionally, the SOC’s are furnished with machine learning and computer vision software development kits. And these will aid cameras in the device take care of tasks like tracking, object detection, classification, and facial recognition.