Alexa Alexa now reminds users to take their medicines
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Alexa now reminds users to take their medicines

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Alexa now reminds users to take their medicines

Amazon is debuting Alexa in the healthcare sector. Now, the company has come up with a medication management feature for its Alexa owners that will help them set up medication reminders and even request voice refills using their prescription information. As of now, these capabilities are exclusive to customers of Giant Eagle Pharmacy.

But Amazon has bigger plans in the sector as it recently acquired two health startups - PillPack and Health Navigator, which is part of Amazon’s plans to launch a healthcare program for its employees known as the Amazon Care.

To access Alexa’s new medication management, users will first have to go through the setup process by first enabling the Giant Eagle Pharmacy skill and link their accounts. Next users have to create an Alexa voice profile which is mainly used for authentication reasons and to verify the person. Also, there’s a requirement of a personal passcode which is an added security layer.

The E-commerce/IT services giant is slowly improving its user privacy measures as it had recently added an option for users to delete their Alexa recordings any time either using the app or by voice. Alexa will walk the customer through their current prescription and set up a reminder according to the time preferred by the user to take medication.

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