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Café X: Artisanal Coffee and Automated Technology

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Café X: Artisanal Coffee and Automated Technology

Aren’t you excited to get a coffee drink from a white robotic hand?

Automation technologies have found its way to the food industry as well.  Anything that has highly repetitive tasks that don’t require judgment is suitable to be automated.  San Francisco has attained the public attraction within the few weeks by the automated coffee shop called Café X, which can even make an espresso within no time. Yes, Franco’s barista was a robot.  When it comes to the different varieties of coffee drinks, Café X is comparatively cheaper and is able to pump out around 120 coffee drinks in an hour.

This technology is similar to calling an Uber; it takes not more than few minutes and is most suited for people who need a consistency.  The customers are free to either use the mobile app or even they can use the two iPads mounted outside the kiosk.  Here the entire transaction is cashless, we don’t have to wait in queue to taste our favorite coffee drink and customers can even get a notification in their phone when the coffee is all set. 

We might have often heard this saying “the Rise of the Robotic Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future.”  But Café X is not fully automated, as it requires some technicians to clean and refill the machine, technical assistants to maintain the app and the kiosk and a product specialist who can answer the queries and the doubts during the working hours. So let’s not fear it as much as we do the fully automated services, which are supposed to take away our secure jobs.

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