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Ellcie Healthy's eyewear is designed to prevent you from falling asleep

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Ellcie Healthy's eyewear is designed to prevent you from falling asleep

Designed to determine whether the wearer is falling asleep, Ellcie’s glasses could be a lifesaver, especially for folks who have to drive long distances. These glasses, infused with AI, will be able to detect and prevent falls. It detects a number of different factors, including nodding, blinking, and even yawning.

The data collected by 15 sensors – embedded in the eyeglasses’ frames – is interpreted by AI of the solution to warn users in case of risk. The AI algorithms in the compatible smartphone app process the data into information and/or predictions on the wearer’s health and safety. And so, when you are dozing off – depending on how far gone you are – the system sends a level of alert that involves some combination of flashes on the side of the eyes and a buzzing sound. The Smart eyewear is actually pretty light and is also compatible with correcting lenses.

Furthermore, “It will evolve, thanks to software updates, and you will be able to benefit from new features with the same connected eyewear you purchased,” the company says. Applications can be extended in future, as well, including fall detection for elderly users.

The startup Ellcie Healthy, founded by Philippe Peyrard, received the Road Safety Innovation Award in 2018. Ellcie Healthy’s eyewear will be featuring in the CES 2019 event under the Wearable Technologies category. The ‘healthy’ glasses, however, will only be available in the company’s native France, priced at around $285.

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