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Everybody can take Finland's free crash course on AI

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Everybody can take Finland's free crash course on AI

Finland had launched a free online crash course for all of its citizens last year. The course was to educate the country’s citizens to learn of the possibilities and advantages of artificial intelligence (AI). Well now, the country has made the course available to everybody.

The course has been a hit in Finland as quite a few people signed up for the AI course. The course is named Elements of AI and is available in Finnish, German, Swedish, Estonian, and English. It is comprehensive course that covers a range of topics. The six-week course has sections which can take five to 10 hours for completion.

The course is created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. It has been translated to every EU language and is a gift for every EU citizen as Christmas approaches. The course can be taken by anyone as there are no geographical constrains placed on it.

It is a great gesture from the European nation as the course will help people across the globe to learn more about the hidden potential of artificial intelligence.

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