Ford makes a unique bed with a conveyor belt

ford conveyor belt bed

Ford is quite an innovative company, not just in cars, but in bringing out other quirky things as well. For instance, Ford had previously brought out a baby crib that would rock a baby to sleep by imitating the feel of a car ride. It had also released a noise-canceling dog kennel, allowing the pet-owners to have a peaceful sleep.

Now, Ford has come up with another innovative IT service for your bedroom: a unique bed with a conveyor belt! Have you faced times when your partner takes up most of the space in the bed, leaving you to the edge and pushing for more space? Worry no more about such a thing. Inspired by Ford’s lane-keeping technology, the conveyor belt bed keeps the partners on their side of the bed.

Basically, the bed comes with a pressure sensor; it can detect when your partner is pushing into your half of the bed. According to the Ford blog, the conveyer belt in the bed gently “returns ‘selfish sleepers’ to where they should be.” This is very similar to Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid technology that shifts the vehicles back to their lanes by “nudging” the steering wheel in the correct direction, the blog post added.

The idea is certainly unique and innovative. Although Ford just announced a prototype, productions may or may not take place, sources cite.