Fuell electric motorcycle and bikes from Harley-Davidson engineer

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Fuell electric motorcycle and bikes from Harley-Davidson engineer

A new electric vehicle startup called Fuell is hitting the market, which is designed and developed by a former Harley-Davidson engineer- Erik Buell. Teamed with Frédéric Vasseur, who makes chassis for Formula E vehicles, Fuell is an all-electric motorcycle and bicycle company.

The first bike to come out is called Fluid, priced at $3,300 that comes with swappable batteries to give a 125-mile range. Fuell says Fluid will be available for delivery by the end of this year and comes with two versions: one with a top speed of 20 miles/hour and the other at 28 miles/hour.

Apart from Fluid, Fuell is also developing Flow- the electric motorcycle. The motorcycle also comes in two versions, one with an 11 kW motor and another one is more powerful with a 35 kW motor. If you’ve seen the Gogoro’s electric scooters, the Flow is a more muscular version of it. Speaking of the design, Flow has dropped the usual chain and belt setup; instead uses an in-wheel motor to give it a futuristic look. It comes with black and gray panels with turquoise colored highlights.

This brand new IT service is expected to hit the roads by 2021. Flow is priced at $11,000, which is cheaper than what Harley-Davidson charges for its electric motor vehicle. The technological advancements in electric motors and battery have made electric vehicles affordable. In times when we need energy-saving solutions, Fuell has a good chance of being successful.

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