Make way for this new humanoid social robot

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Furhat Robotics, a conversational AI and social robotics startup make a shocking revelation of launching a new human AI-powered social robot with which we can have normal conversations and get realistic facial expressions as a response.

Furhat Robotics is a Stockholm-based startup who has done a commendable job of launching this astounding robot that looks indistinguishable to humans. This has an excellent exterior design and it is a smart speaker that gives a realistic look of human head and neck. After making your choice it will carry forward the conversations giving humanistic expressions.

This bot can adapt to any environment and can be changed to any avatar let’s say, for instance, animal. You are also free to adjust the voice amongst 30 languages and also the facial expressions when needed, you can give your own voice too. If you want to change its personality so could you.

Furhat Robotics presented this bot at WebSummit in Lisbon this week, but very soon organizations will welcome it. So be ready folks! This robot might be a new member of your family very soon.

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