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Microsoft Introduces AI Coach for PowerPoint

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Microsoft Introduces AI Coach for PowerPoint

Microsoft has incorporated an AI-powered presentation coach in its web version of PowerPoint that can help you prepare for an important presentation and provide you with feedback instantly.

Public speaking is a hustle for many people and sometimes it requires a lot of practicing, Microsoft is offering a solution to this problem by introducing its new PowerPoint Presentation Coach that can train you.

The PowerPoint Coach looks into three key factors such as pace, slide reading, and word choice. Meaning, the coach will look for any irregularities in these areas. Firstly, the “pace” looks at how fast or slow a person is speaking and detects the issues. The “slide reading” feature is used to check if you are just reading the words that are already on the slide, and lastly, the word choice tool detects speech irregularities like “um”, “ah”, “actually”, “basically” and more, to provide you with feedback.

“Public speaking doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Our public preview of Presenter Coach in PowerPoint for the web uses the power of AI to help business professionals, teachers, and students become more effective presenters,” stated Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365.

Also, the Office 365 is getting several new features including inking support (draw and write with digital ink) and the ability to replay what you drew on the PowerPoint slide and thereby create animations.

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