Alexa Microsoft's $399 Azure Kinect now in US and China
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Microsoft's $399 Azure Kinect now in US and China

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Microsoft's $399  Azure Kinect now in US and China

Microsoft announced that Azure Kinect Developer Kit is now available to order in the U.S. and China. The cost of the Azure Kinect is $399 and Microsoft will begin shipping to customers who pre-ordered it.

Azure Kinect enables enterprise to build AI vision solutions and is a connected depth camera. The product comes with new features like 1-MP depth sensor with wide and narrow FOV options which enables the user to optimize their application. It also has a 7-mic array to enable far-field speech and sound capture.

 “Azure Kinect is an intelligent edge device that doesn’t just see and hear but understands the people, the environment, the objects, and their actions. It only makes sense for us to create a new device when we have unique capabilities or technology to help move the industry forward,” said Microsoft Azure corporate vice president Julia White.

The Azure Kinect developer works with a range of computer types and can also provide a wide range understanding of the environment. The level of accuracy that can be achieved with the device is remarkable.

The launch of Project Azure Kinect kit developer at the Mobile World Congress 2019 at Barcelona comes nearly nine years after its first Kinect release.

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