Get that perfect presentation with PowerPoint Presenter Coach

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Get that perfect presentation with PowerPoint Presenter Coach

Artificial Intelligence is paving its way to making things better. Hence, Microsoft is adding AI-powered assistant to PowerPoint to help you draft that perfect presentation. The “Presenter Coach” can be enabled in ‘rehearsal mode’ with audio capabilities, where it’ll give you feedback on your presentation skills by listening to your audio.

The idea here is to help prepare for their presentation. Presenter Coach will also help you with tips by giving you filler words when you space out; it’ll tip you about pacing out your entire presentation and so on. Microsoft hopes that the AI listener will help the presenter in avoiding stuttering during the presentation, while also aiding with the language.

That’s not all. Suppose you swear or curse in between your presentation, Presenter Coach will suggest you don’t use profanity by highlighting insensitive words or phrases. Finally, PowerPoint will present you with metrics and stats about your rehearsal.

Microsoft says that Presenter Coach will appear only in rehearsal mode. So your Coach won’t pop up when you’re actually giving a presentation. In fact, Presenter Coach was developed as Microsoft “received feedback from educators, students, and customers that people want an easy way to practice their presentations to improve their public speaking abilities.”

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