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Qualcomm launches a chip adaptable to AR/VR headsets

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Qualcomm launches a chip adaptable to AR/VR headsets

The headsets designed for augmented reality and virtual reality has come a long way with better designs and advanced technology, but they’ve all been priced at a high end. The headsets have nearly become independent units that can almost function by itself. This is why Qualcomm has built a newly dedicated chipset for standalone headsets.

Qualcomm has announced to launch the Snapdragon XR1, the first ever chip completely dedicated for AR and VR headsets. The chips are collectively being referred as XR. With the XR chipset, users can stream 4K 30 fps content on these devices. There are already a number of headset manufacturers lined up to work on the XR. This includes HTC Vive, Vuzix, Meta and Pico to name a few.

This number is just the beginning. Qualcomm is already gearing up for the future with its IT service where these units will start selling a high number of headsets. The company certainly believes that the time is ripe to expand into standalone headsets hardware. With the XR1 chips entering the lower-cost mass-market headsets, Qualcomm is convinced that it will give the necessary boost for its hardware.

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