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Robots are calling, be careful with what calls you receive

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Robots are calling, be careful with what calls you receive

If you get spam calls, there are 50 percent chances that robots are calling you. You must be amazed by listening to this! But it is a fact. In 2018, apparently, US mobile phone users got 48 billion robo-calls like say, more than 100 calls per line.

Raymond Huahong Tu who is a researcher at the University of Maryland answers some of the queries like how can everyone get these many robo-calls?

He said, “Advanced automatic dialing systems make it easier and cheaper for small operations to generate huge numbers of calls. Robo-calling computer programs can dial many phone numbers at once, and play a prerecorded or computer-generated voice message to anyone who answers. A person running a robo-call operation just has to set up the system and let it run.”

How can you avoid robo-calls?

It is best to safeguard your phone number just like your debit or credit card. Never share your phone number with anyone unless it’s an emergency. Raymond said that there are chances of phone numbers being widely available may be because you have the same phone number for many years, you shared it with businesses or on websites. In this situation, you cannot stop robo-calls from coming. First of all, never believe that Caller ID is telling you the truth. Keep asking questions to know if it is a legitimate call or else hang up if you are in doubt.

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