Jellyfish and LiveRamp make joint efforts to enhance digital brand experience

jellyfish and liveramp team up

Jellyfish, a global boutique agency, delivering digital marketing solutions is joining hands with LiveRamp, leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution. This collaboration will help clients to better leverage people-based insights to measure and optimize their digital marketing efforts and also gives better digital brand experience. 

Executive vice president and managing director of Jellyfish US said, “We're always looking for ways to improve a potential customer's journey with a client."

He added, “This partnership gives us the ability to reach people, not just devices, with timely and relevant marketing messages that better meet their needs. Ultimately this allows marketers to increase the return on their advertising spend (ROAS) and more accurately track impacts on business results online and offline."

"Marketers are investing to better understand the impact of their efforts across multiple channels," said Nikhil Dixit, vice president of agencies and publishers for LiveRamp. "The ability to accurately resolve the impact of online activities in a comprehensive view of the complete marketing mix is a huge breakthrough. We're excited to be working with Jellyfish to bring the benefits of identity resolution and the many use cases it enables to their clients."