Alexa 5 Best Cloud Computing Companies 2021
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December Edition 2021

5 Best Cloud Computing Companies 2021

5 Best Cloud Computing Companies 2021

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Darin Brannan
President & CEO
ClearDATA was conceived and designed from the ground up to serve the mission-critical system needs and regulatory requirements of healthcare organizations.

Cloudastructure Inc

Gregory Rayzman
Cloudastructure's solutions are both more reliable and secure than the legacy solutions from the billion-dollar competition, and they come with more advanced technology. Despite the power of its solutions, they are also the easiest to install in the industry.


Dan Munk
President & CEO
FenceCore is a Canadian Information Technology consulting and solutions company headquartered in Montreal. FenceCore is committed to providing its clients with leading-edge IT products and services to help enhance and improve process performance.


Oskari Saarenmaa
Aiven provides managed open source data technologies on all major clouds. With Aiven, developers can do what they do best: create applications.


Susan Bowen
President & CEO
Aptum is a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider delivering complex and high-performance cloud solutions with an integrated secure network.

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