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January Monthly Edition 2023

5 Best Digital Banking Institutions 2023

5 Best Digital Banking Institutions 2023

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Wolfgang Zulauf
CEO & Chairman
Suisse Bank PLC is a reputable offshore banking institution that provides a broad range of services, including private & corporate banking, trade financing, cryptocurrency trading, and lucrative investment opportunities. However, what makes them unique is their straightforward and seamless approach to helping people and businesses open offshore bank accounts.
Agent IQ

Slaven Bilac

Co-Founder & CEO

Agent IQ’s mission is to make sure digital banking stays personal. The company believes that augmenting the human side of banking is a much better way forward than replacing the human altogether.

Chris Babcock
Apiture mission is to empower financial institutions to know and serve their clients with the care of a traditional community institution at the scale, speed, and efficiency required in today’s digital world.

Ricardo Josua
Founder & CEO
Pismo is a technology company providing a complete processing platform for payments and banking. Large banks, marketplaces, and fintechs already use our cloud-native microservices platform.

Itai Damti
Unit is building the platform to power the next generation of financial services. Its simple and powerful banking-as-a-service API helps companies launch new banking products in weeks - not years.

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