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A Platform Business Advisory Firm to propel your business' growth: Applico

A Platform Business Advisory Firm to propel your business' growth: Applico

Applico is a boutique advisory firm that works alongside CEOs and boards of large enterprises to take advantage of platform business opportunities. By capturing synergies between the core business and platform startups, we help enterprises earn tech multiples on their traditional assets.The tech businesses disrupting traditional business are all platforms. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft – are all 21st century modern monopolies. Platform startups need scale – an undervalued asset locked up inside of many large enterprises. Applico brings together traditional enterprises and platform startups to beat big tech at its own game. Applico empowers the community of industry leaders at large, traditional enterprises to fight back against big tech monopolies and win. By working alongside C-suites and Boards as operating partners, Applico helps incumbents build or buy their own platform business to beat big tech at its own game. As the world’s first Platform Innovation® Company, Applico provide advisory services to build, execute and scale platform businesses to strengthen traditional companies’ core business. They  work with C-suites at Fortune 100 firms as well as multibillion-dollar private companies who want to take the initiative to create a platform business. Our staff is comprised of platform entrepreneurs, operators, bankers and designers. Founded in 2009 by Alex Moazed, Applico has worked with large enterprises for more than 8 years. With the release of Modern Monopolies in 2016, Alex Moazed and Nicholas Johnson coined a new industry focused on platform businesses. In the past few years, Applico’s Platform Innovation® work has created hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise platform value.

Platform Innovation Services

Platform Design

Platform Design is a multi-month engagement in which Applico partners with the CEO, C-suite and dedicated client teams to identify the best platform opportunity and build, buy or partner options.Their embedded team of proven team of entrepreneurs, investment bankers and technologists will manually hack a working prototype to prove out key aspects of the business model. At the same time, they will assess the landscape of potential partner or acquisition targets – such as existing platforms, incumbents or linear tech companies.Through building, buying or partnering, they will provide your leadership with the best path forward to unlock the value from strategic assets inside your traditional enterprise with the creation of a new platform entity.Applico will create an actionable blueprint for the core functions of your platform business.In parallel to launching live prototypes, Applico’s team will meet the leadership of existing tech competitors who could also be considered for an acquisition or partnership. In many instances, platform businesses may not already exist in a given industry; however, linear technology companies, like a SaaS business for example, could be a viable target to acquire, gain faster traction in the market and can then be transformed into a platform. By abstracting the client’s name away from the conversation, our teams can appropriately assess the best fit in potential acquisition targets, from both a technology, but also a people and cultural fit.

Platform Execution

After your organization has gained alignment on the new business that was proven out during your Platform Design Engagement, it’s time to execute.Your core business has a lot of assets – it’s Applico’s job to help you extend those competitive advantages into your new platform entity. Whether it’s your existing user base for demand or supply, data and existing inventory or value added services, Applico’s teams act as the perfect bridge between your internal resources and the new platform startup.

Retained Platform Advisory

Large, traditional enterprises can build or buy their own platform businesses. For the latter,  C-suites need a platform advisor who can provide input internally and also gather information externally without revealing the client’s name to tip off the market. Post-acquisition, the platform entity needs help integrating with the core linear business and scaling key initiatives in a short period of time to make the deal successful.On a monthly and weekly basis, Applico provides strategic sessions with client C-suites to help resolve big roadblocks to platform success. Applico’s advisory teams are comprised of proven operators and entrepreneurs who have built, scaled and exited platforms before.

Meet the leader behind the success of Applico

Alex Moazed is the Founder and CEO of Applico. He founded Applico in 2009 when he was 20 years old and funded the company with his own credit cards.Alex co-authored the best-selling book, Modern Monopolies, which defines the platform business model dominating the 21st century economy. In his role as CEO, he works directly with Fortune 500 C-suites and boards to help them build or buy their own platform businesses.Alex is a graduate of Babson College, Choate Rosemary Hall and Greenwich Country Day School.

“Applico's proprietary data set, Platform Insights, is the first of its kind to identify which public companies generate platform business revenue.”

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