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Accurate Background is a trusted provider of employment background screening and workforce monitoring services

Accurate Background is a trusted provider of employment background screening and workforce monitoring services

Accurate Background’s vision is to make every hire the start of a success story. As a trusted provider of employment background screening and workforce monitoring services, Accurate Background empowers organizations of all sizes with the confidence to make smarter, unbiased hiring decisions at the speed of demand. Experience a new standard of support with a dedicated team, comprehensive technology and insight, and the most extensive coverage and search options to advance your business while keeping your brand and people safe. The company offers scalability while maintaining their commitment to integrity, accuracy and timely results and will give you the tools to make safer hiring decisions through comprehensive reports, interactive compliance services, and intuitive, easy-to-use technology.

Responsiveness you can rely on. Time and again

Even as the company introduces new technologies, they insist on keeping things personal. Their customer support team is ready, around the clock, whenever and wherever you need us to address your business needs. Transparency? Communication, every step of the way. Accurate’s service teams? The most trusted in the industry. That’s why they can deliver things like a 90% first-time call resolution, and one of the most loyal customer communities in the industry.

Flexible screening technology that suits your needs

Accurate Background offers tailored solutions custom fit to meet your business needs. With Accurate, you get fast, reliable background checks on your terms. One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why they deliver more than one way to screen. Whatever your tech requirements, Accurate is ready for you.

Background Check API: Get started quickly with compliant background checks. Simply connect your web or mobile app to the company’s screening services.

ACCURATE API: Streamline your background check process. Integrate Accurate Background with your current applicant tracking system.

ATS INTEGRATIONS:  Need high-volume background checks? Employ more than 1,000 people? Let’s optimize the process from start to finish.

Strengthen your screening strategy with better business intelligence

Gain insights into the health of your background screening program and unify recruiting practices across your organization. The Accurate Background enterprise solution provides reliable business intelligence that increases confidence in the effectiveness and efficiency of your screening process.

Easy-to-Use Dashboards

Eliminate the time drain of trying to compare disparate data sets. Straightforward, easy-to-navigate dashboards make it easier for you to quickly evaluate important metrics and share your findings with the rest of the team. You have full control over which users in your organization can gain access.

A Full-Scope Perspective

Segment and analyze data that answers specific questions about your screening process. Dashboards let you view key health metrics including volume of orders, turnaround time, dispute rates and pass rates. You can easily segment orders by stage in the background check process and filter data by order, search type, geography, requestor or billing code.

Track Pending Orders

Keep an eye on unfinished business by tracking the status of pending background orders and view individual pending components at the county, state and international levels. A built-in ETA estimator helps you accurately predict a package completion date.

Customized Screening Packages

Leveraging industry-leading partners and compliance technology, Accurate enables its clients to make the informed hiring decisions needed for healthcare’s complex staffing requirements and competitive labor market. At Accurate, the team takes time to understand your unique needs and to build the screening packages that work for you.

The court system is slow. Accurate Background’s technology is quick

Clear your candidates’ criminal records quickly so you can start onboarding your new employees. Accurate’s court access technology grants instant access to more than 2,500 federal, state and local courthouses, revealing any felony and misdemeanor cases reported on an applicant. The technology slashes turnaround time by automatically completing a majority of results found electronically, while built-in machine learning instantly posts motor vehicle records and cleared criminal search results. What once took hours of paperwork, phone calls and faxes can now be completed in just a few moments with just a few clicks.

Ease up on compliance anxiety

Accurate Background managed to make compliance a bit less stressful. Their background check software features built-in compliance controls to help you reduce the risk of an honest mistake that results in serious consequences.

Optimize, and then strategize

A thoughtful hiring strategy not only helps you recruit top talent but also maximizes your recruiting ROI. Don’t go in blind. The company created dashboards within the client portal to give you a real-time snapshot of what’s happening with your searches. Monitor important metrics and make smarter, faster decisions about your background check processes.

  • Segment orders by stage in the background check process
  • View screening health metrics based on order volume, turnaround time, dispute rates and pass rates
  • Segment data by order package, search component, geography or billing code
  • Control who in your organization can access which metrics and data

Dave Dickerson, Founder & Chairman

As the Founder of Accurate Background, my goal was to develop a background screening platform and service that used innovative, web-based technology to offer solutions that steadily improved the way companies and candidates connect. Today Accurate Background continues to grow and is a recognized industry leader with over 16,000 customers worldwide.

“By optimizing every facet of the client and candidate experience, we deliver the background checks you’ve always wanted.”

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