Alexa ACUPOLL Precision Research: Transcend the Status Quo
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ACUPOLL Precision Research: Transcend the Status Quo

ACUPOLL Precision Research: Transcend the Status Quo

Research is one of the biggest aspects of marketing. It can be important to how a new product or service does in the market. While product or service failures occur often, you need to have the backing of the best market research firm to be on the safer side. ACUPOLL Precision Research has been the firm that has helped thousands of companies in their new product endeavors.

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, ACUPOLL is a research firm that has helped clients discover and innovate in marketing since 1991. Founded by an ex-Procter & Gamble brand manager, today the company is owned and headed by yet another Procter & Gamble proponent, Jeff Goldstein.

The company was founded to reduce the number of new product innovation failures which was high at the time. It has tested the greatest product ideas that are out there today. The market research firm has worked with companies all over the globe. It works with clients from a wide range of industries including quick-service restaurants, financial services, telecommunications, consumer package, and durable goods. Today, their clients include the Fortune 500 companies, the very best of the U.S. advertisers, and even consultants, qual firms, agencies, private equity firms, and small companies.

ACUPOLL’s one of a kind online survey method and qual+quant research methodologies give its clients the edge they need to transcend the status quo. The company’s databases are one of the largest known databases in the world and test more than 50,000 initiatives across 35 countries all over the world. The company also provides one of the best workplace atmospheres you will find in the country today with a great benefits package, work flexibility, and non-bureaucratic but fun hardworking culture.

Look to ACUPOLL for the best ideas

Marketing is all about having the best ideas. You have got to know what the demand is like out there and push out the right products to drive sales. Innovation is the key in such a scenario. There are a lot of great ideas out there. But when it comes to screening and getting to the best of the ideas, the screening methodology is very critical. It is also important to understand how strong an idea is in relation to the cognitive impact. This could sometimes also mean letting go of the most powerful ideas, mismanaging them or perhaps chasing the wrong one. So, screening is where success could be found or lost.

This is where ACUPOLL’s Spark MCR (Multi-Cognition Research) comes in. Spark MCR was developed in partnership with a popular and leading cognitive scientist. The tool has been honed and sharpened through more than 40,000 consumer responses. It captures impulse, emotion, and conscious reflection on any collection of short stimuli like early-stage product ideas, packaging concepts, digital and print ads, claims, benefits and insights, logos and taglines, designs, and points of purchase materials.

Today, “System 2” reasoning of traditional idea screening is simply overdone. Spark MCR goes one step further than anything on the offer today. Spark MCR in addition to “System 2” also captures consumers’ “System 1” Impulse and Emotion. This is driving success in today’s super competitive market. With Spark MCR on their side, companies are ensured to get the real-world evaluation of ideas that coincides with the way consumers make decisions. This methodology has been proven to show better predictive capabilities than the traditional screening on Purchase Intent, Relevance and much more. The ideas with high Spark MCR score tend to generate four times high engagement, and two times high sales in comparison to the traditional means.

Meet the Chief!

Jeff Goldstein, President

Mr. Goldstein has been the spearhead of ACUPOLL since October 2012. He has played a pivotal role in helping the company grow to meet the demands of the ever evolving market landscape.

He worked with P&G for a long-time in the 80’s and the 90’s in various leadership positions. At P&G, his work helped boost market share for mega brands like Scope, Pepto-Bismol, and Crest. He led the advertising training, helped enhance global innovation structure and processes.

After his stint with P&G, he was the President of Ingenuity Advisors. Here, he was the catalyst for strategic growth of the company. He helped the clients discover and pursue game-changing strategies.  

He has also launched his own brand, +Repelle™, which gained distribution in 18,000 stores and was widely talked about in the tabloids.  

“Everything we do is designed to discover, evaluate, or improve new products or marketing innovations more successfully, delivering great clarity and learning to drive growth.”

“We specialize in highly collaborative, personalized solutions that originate with your objectives. We direct our minds, experience and resources to your needs.”

“We exist to solve problems and navigate a rapidly changing world to help brands focus, grow, innovate and renew.”

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