Alexa Adding confidence and certainty to your demand generation: MarketOne

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Adding confidence and certainty to your demand generation: MarketOne

Adding confidence and certainty to your demand generation: MarketOne

Businesses in their growth phase face a range of challenges. As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions, what worked a year ago now might be obsolete strategy. All too often, avoidable mistakes turn what could have been a great business into an also-ran.

Recognizing and overcoming the challenges associated with growth is essential if your business is to continue to grow and thrive. With this said, partnering with an expert becomes crucial.  MarketOne is one such global demand generation agency. It creates and nurtures leads, retains and grows customers, and give clients the confidence their marketing investments will produce quantifiable returns.

The company excels in sectors where multiple decision makers evaluate complex products over a long buying cycle. Using a blend of insight and automation, it connects conversations across channels and over time. Each successive interaction – whether online or over the phone – informs the next. Customers get a better experience. More qualified opportunities are passed to sales.

To do this repeatedly at scale, MarketOnce architects and operates an always-on, mid-funnel machine. Aligning siloed teams, unifying disparate data, taming technology and supplementing scarce skills. By consolidating globally with MarketOne, clients benefit from a level of cohesion and visibility impossible with separate suppliers. Duplication and doubt are replaced by the certainty of a consistent approach and predictable outcomes. Founded in Boston in 1997, MarketOne spans across North America, Europe and Asia.

Strategy & Planning

A pragmatic approach to change: You want to be data-driven, always-on and customer-centric? It’s easy to put it in a Powerpoint presentation, but harder to make it work in the real world. So it takes a brutally pragmatic approach to transforming your marketing. It focuses on tangible outcomes. It finds quick wins. It makes it work. Less ruminating over academic theory, more rolling up its sleeves and making it happen.

The full-stack difference: In the business world, customer journeys are long, complex and non-linear. Because it covers the full stack of demand generation skills and services, it can help you implement a strategy that optimizes your marketing performance at each turn, taking into account available resources and the harsh realities of executing across multiple business units and geographic markets. A joined-up experience for your buyers, from the first click to the final handshake.

Marketing Automation Services

Helping people to buy is the best way to sell: You may have a better product. You may have a lemon. Its job is also to make the experience of discovering, researching, and evaluating your company a powerful differentiator in itself.

It gathers buyer insight and creates content that is provocative, helpful and interesting. It designs and builds digital communications and experiences that convert. It strikes the perfect balance between scheduled and triggered communications, so you work your database as hard as possible while responding immediately to the signals that indicate a buyer is ready to engage.

The full-stack difference: Because MarketOne team understands the underlying technology and data, it knows where best to start, and when to stop. No over-promising, no disconnects, no running before you’re walking. It ensures the foundations are in place to create digital programs that are fully integrated and measurable. Data clean and complete, tracking and source codes in place, and reports configured.

Then it applies a killer combination of insight and automation to trigger emails and remarketing campaigns, personalize the web experience and push live chat sessions at the right time to the right person.

Marketing Technology

A solid platform for marketing success: They say it takes 10,000 hours hard graft to become an expert. With half a million hours already under our collective belts, we’re confident that we know marketing automation better than most.

It has more than 60 people certified in Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and other marketing automation platforms and regularly works within Salesforce, NetSuite and MS Dynamics. It has integrated many number of third-party, cloud-based tools for event management, web personalization, data look-ups, remarketing and social media. And it can work with your existing systems, or serve it all up as a managed service.

The full-stack difference: It knows marketing automation. But it also knows the context in which it is used, so we approach deployment and integration with the needs of marketers in mind. It develops a plan to extract value from your investment. It provides all the training you need. It ensures it’s built to scale. And because it covers the full stack of demand generation services, more often than not they’re the ones on the hook to build the pages, send the emails, serve the ads and make the calls. No wonder it wants it all to be configured perfectly.

Data, Reporting & Analytics

Stop guessing, start knowing: There are more channels, creating more touchpoints, and generating more information about the customer than it has ever had before.

Its data, reporting and analytics services help you ride the wave of big data instead of being swamped by it. It builds trust in your data, making it clean, consistent and complete. It establishes clear rules for ownership and governance. Then it makes sense of it, turning data into actionable insight that drives better decisions and outcomes.

The full-stack difference: Everyone’s talking big data; it starts with full-stack data. It understands how to blend data from multiple sources, combining digital marketing systems, web analytics, and lead information from CRM and even sales data from ERP systems in one place to provide that elusive single view of the customer.

But it’s not just gathering data. Its expertise across the customer journey means it can put it to use too, identifying new segments to target and feeding them back into the operational systems that trigger campaigns.

Meet the Expert

Fred Ewald, Founder and CEO: Fred founded MarketOne in 1998 in Waltham, Massachussets. Over the following 18 years he has steered the international expansion of the company, applying his expertise in business operations, finance and IT. Prior professional experience includes a role as VP of Operations at Impole Corp. and positions at Arthur Andersen and Siemens Nixdorf.

“We aim to be the first and only partner our clients turn to when they have a number to hit.”

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