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December Monthly Edition 2022

Aden Logistics – An established logistics provider built on a service-first foundation in the US & Canada

Aden Logistics – An established logistics provider built on a service-first foundation in the US & Canada

If you want to efficiently manage your supply chain, you need to consider one thing: You can’t do it all. You’re trying to expand your customer base and bring in more revenue, but every aspect of your business has to be able to handle new growth. This is where the importance of third-party logistics (3PL) comes into play. As companies grow, packaging and shipping processes are two business aspects that can suffer. It’s easy for the number of orders and shipments you have to manage to get overwhelming, especially if you’re expanding into online markets. More orders mean you’re going to need more packaging supplies, shipment methods, warehouse space, and people to help you keep up — and all of those things cost money and time. The chunk that you have to take out of your wallet can slow down the growth that you’re pushing for and even make it easier to fail. Essentially, 3PL is taking everything you need for packaging and shipping processes, and outsourcing it. Companies who specialize in 3PL receive your products and take over, ensuring they get to the right customer in one piece. For businesses who want to grow, the importance of 3PL lies in the fact that your business now has freed up time, money, and space to put back into revenue-generating activities. For businesses that are looking to move into online markets, working with a 3PL company is almost essential to ensure that you can keep up with the flow of orders — especially during busy seasons.

Aden Logistics is a privately owned third-party logistics provider built on a service first foundation. Aden Logistics shows you why their motto is ‘Positive, Prompt, and Proactive.’ While many logistics brokers may sound the same, they prove to their customers that they are committed to exceeding their expectations by showing up for them over and over with a positive attitude. Aden is prompt in their responses and work. Their proactive approach means the customers are always up to speed on the status of their freight and they rest easy knowing they are diligently working on their freight needs.

Leveraging a Whole New Level of Dedicated Freight

For any business, if you want to gain more control over your supply chain, sometimes the best thing you can do is give it to someone else to handle. As your business is changing, your focus needs to be on selling your products. 3PLs can give you that time back, but they can also help you make your processes more efficient. You know your business better than anyone, but you might not know the top strategies for packaging and shipping. This is what 3PLs specialize in, and with their help, you can handle more orders from more places without having to worry about mistakes or running out of supplies.

Aden's people are industry experts and the best in the business. Combined with the latest software, including the ability to provide any customer volume with API /EDI integration, they provide customers with a seamless start to finish solution. The company helps to bail you out when another provider drops the ball on your load. But they are also the trusted logistics provider you count on day after day, load after load, to keep your business moving without hiccups along the way. They are committed to building long-term relationships and that is why their customers continue to trust them. Aden Logistics is in it for the long haul!

Technologies used in the Freight Service

Dry Van: While capacity and on-time scheduling are the main focus for most of their customers, Aden also excels in other more difficult areas: Food Grade, Extra Wide Plate Trailers, Vented Vans, Blocking and Strapping, Drop Trailers for Preloading, etc. Real-time tracking, 24/7 updates and custom alerts are available for all shipments. Sprinter vans can usually accommodate about 3500 pounds and are useful for unpalletized freight or expedited options.

Flatbed: The company has used flatbeds and step decks to handle large volumes of agricultural and construction materials for over 25 years. Machinery and other items, like over dimensional loads, are no problem for their experienced drivers. Aden also operates a large number of 53' step decks for your higher volume shipments. All open trailers are equipped with tarps, edge protectors and other equipment to properly protect your shipments during transit.

Climate Controlled: Refrigerated and frozen shipments are a growing percentage of the loads they handle daily. Their climate controlled drivers are experienced professionals who know the importance of a clean food-grade trailer, steady temperature and timely pickup and delivery. Real-time tracking, 24-7 updates and custom alerts are available for all shipments. Aden Logistics offers bulk transport for a range of commodities using hopper, pneumatic, belly dump, end dump and walking floor trailers.

Nick Fitzpatrick | President

"We show our carriers that we are committed to servicing their business for years to come. We offer weekly lanes, clear communication, and an attentive team. Work with Aden Logistics to see the difference."

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