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AdMaster: China's Leading AI-Driven Social & Insight Solution Provider

AdMaster: China's Leading AI-Driven Social & Insight Solution Provider

Cutting-edge technologies and big data are playing a huge role in today’s marketing as they tap into consumer data from all over the internet. Using this data, marketing companies are helping brands plan their marketing strategies and increase their effectiveness like never before. Leading the industry through its innovation is AdMaster, based out of China.

We spoke with AdMaster’s President, Maggie Wang to know more about how they have sustained their culture of innovation since the inception of the company in 2006.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?        

With the rise of Weibo and the launch of WeChat, consumers have become more and more dependent on social platforms for instant communication and information acquisition. Many news platforms, BBS and applications also added social functions; the development of social media has completely changed the consumers’ media habits.

Today, the traces left by the internet users on different platforms constitute their complete behavior and the attitude map, which is of great significance for brands to understand consumers, optimize marketing strategies and promote business innovation. Therefore, the comprehensive acquisition of consumers’ data on social media, the combination of big and small data, and the in-depth analysis of them, has become the inspiration source for AdMaster to start SIA (Social&Insight Analytics) business.

What was your mission at the outset? And what is it today?

The initial mission was to help brands monitor social opinion and provide them with social data assessment in addition to insight mining. Today, the mission of AdMaster is to become an AI-driven social and insight solutions provider. Our solutions are based on real-time, accurate, complete multidimensional data from social media and other sources. These employ artificial intelligence technology as well as proven algorithms and models. We empower brands to discover user and market needs in real time, optimize their business strategies, increase ROI, and accelerate business innovation.

What products/services do you offer?

Our products cover a wide variety of marketing tools. SocialMaster is our product for data insight and trend analysis. For influencer selection and evaluation we have China’s largest third-party KOL selection & evaluation system MINGJIAN. We also offer cross-platform soft brand marketing evaluation.

Moreover, we expedite a Social BI system and offer content marketing measurement and optimization using CSI (Celebrity Selection Index) and SEI (Sponsorship Evaluation Index).

We collect data from social platforms and panels through technology, which are then processed and analysed through AI-driven algorithm. We then share the insights through SaaS platforms or real time data visualized dashboard.

According to you, what is the next big thing in the technology marketplace?

AI will be the next big technological change in social and analytics. Artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, image and video recognition, and knowledge graph will drive the upgrade of social and insight analysis services. It will move beyond the traditional “statistics” category to the “decision making” level.

Knowledge Graph is the only way to AI. By recognizing technologies like knowledge graph and reasoning, we can input large amounts of prior knowledge to AI. This will help AI complete a higher level of cognition and reasoning. Although industry knowledge graph structuring is very difficult, it is really valuable. AdMaster is now working on social knowledge extraction through perception technology.

How does AdMaster protect itself from increasing cyber threats?

We have a strict anti-attack system for cyber threats:

  • Internal network and external network data isolation. The use of core data must be strictly under review, external network accessing cannot directly enter the internal network environment
  • Strictly control the access rights to user data by using Access Gateway, VPN and other tools
  • Non-encrypted transmission is prohibited for external access to the product line, any transmission must be secure
  • Perfect anti-DDoS attack plan, data backup system, server downtime and other emergency plans
  • Normalized working software, strictly control the IT using process of internal employees, regular security check of the IT system
  • Cooperation with top security teams in China, establishing data security response center, coping with security issues positively

We have also set up a special data security committee which consists of the Chairman, Legal Head, CIO, CTO and product leaders. Unfixed members of this committee include security related departments leaders. This committee is responsible for making data security related policies, regulations and systems. Besides this, we have developed a professional Data Security solution for AdMaster and our clients.

What best ways are you adopting for innovation?

Innovation should depend on a forward-looking strategic vision, around the untapped blue ocean market and pain point of clients. The focus must be on developing unique technology products/solutions, and helping clients improve efficiency in certain aspects. We can achieve this goal through research and development by working with the clients and launching mature products which suit the whole industry. AdMasater have innovative client partners in different industries, P&G in FMCG, L’Oreal China in Beauty, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi in Automobile and Mead Johnson in Baby & Mom.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Identify a client’s pain point. Then create a unique practical s  solution to improve client’s efficiency and create growth in specific context.

Leading from the front

Maggie Wang, President

As the President of AdMaster, Ms. Wang is responsible for Social&Insight Analytics Solutions of the company. Her duties as a President include strategic planning of social data, big/small data integration, and content marketing effectiveness evaluation businesses; designing business solutions and promotion strategies; technology and product innovation; and cross-industry collaboration. She has helped hundreds of domestically and internationally renowned brands develop their digital media, e-commerce, and social/content marketing. Popular names on her long clients list include the likes of P&G, BMW, McDonald’s, Airbnb, Tencent, Huawei, L’Oreal and AmorePacific. 

“We are AdMaster and We’re AI-driven social expert in China!”

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