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Align: Tailor-made Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology

Align: Tailor-made Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology

IT solutions are one of the most critical requirements every modern organization requires. Today’s IT services range from antivirus solutions to software programs, which are an essential part to run an organization. These IT solutions can turn out to be an expensive expenditure or provide a peace of mind to the CIO. Here’s Align, a company that’s solely dedicated to its client’s needs and provides everything they need- tailor-made. Align is a company with more than thirty years of experience in delivering high-caliber IT solutions. The award-winning professional and managed IT services from Align are delivered by subject matter experts creating an atmosphere of trust and superior quality of services.

Technical Expertise

Align is known for its technical expertise it offers to its clients. These solutions are results-oriented that streamline processes, optimize business intelligence, and mitigate risk. The certified engineers and IT experts have a high-level of decision-making maturity are assigned to maintain the clients’ entire IT ecosystems. The experts efficiently and quickly resolve an issue that arises in the client’s IT landscape. The customers are benefitted with a favorable experience from an in-house IT department, without the costs. Plus, Align caters to its clients with a 24×7×365 Global Support Desk. When natural disasters or cyber attacks take place, they don’t restrict to a 9 to 5 schedule. That’s why Align offers a Global Support Desk that’s available and alert 24x7x365.

Client Care

There’s a lot of importance given to clients at Align and they are considered as trusted partners. It is this passion for serving clients and driving IT innovation that has been a crucial factor for Align. The approach has enabled the firm to provide customers tailored solutions. “No one understands your business needs like you do, which is why our team of IT experts and technologists takes the time and effort to understand our client’s unique business requirements and goals,” the company states. It is one of the factors that have pivoted Align to provide cutting-edge technology at competitive prices for over 30 years.

Align also has the advantage of spanning its operations in two continents. However, even after 30 years, Align’s approach has remained local creating and defining a client-specific, solution-focused approach to every client’s project. Explaining about what the company does, the Align website states: “We win for our clients every day in the IT strategies we cast, the data centers we design and build, the custom cybersecurity programs we develop and the cloud migrations we manage.”

Awards Galore

Align has received many awards for its exceptional service. Hedgeweek recognized Align and awarded the company as the Best Global Cybersecurity Provider in 2019. Align also won the CTA Intelligence US Services Awards for Best Cybersecurity Services this year. Align also won the Channel Futures 2018 MSP 501 Worldwide Rankings.

For the People, By the People

Align believes that there is no Align without its people. Align has accredited and certified project managers and IT infrastructure engineers in multiple areas within the IT framework. Coming to the leadership, the team is comprised of driven business leaders, industry experts, and innovative technologists. All of them together symbolize experience gathered over the years and mark team growth, client success stories, and innovators of revolutionary solutions. Together, Align is addressing the multifaceted IT needs of customers.

It’s true that customers are the focal point of Align. But, Align also extends a major portion of its resources to care about the environment. Speaking of the environmental concerns, Align says that it is taking action to implement environmental awareness policies. For instance, the company has replaced bottled water with an environmentally-friendly water filtration system.

Further elaborating, the company website states: “In the U.S., we encourage the use of mass transit by offering a commuter benefits program through TransitChek and by offering tax benefits to our professionals who use mass transit. Our London office is a short walk from local train stations and bus stops, making mass transit use a convenient and inexpensive solution.” Truly, Align is a unique company, not just for its offerings, but for what it stands for.

Meet the Pioneer

Jim Dooling, Founder, President, and CEO

With more than 30 years of experience in the technology infrastructure industry, Jim has grown Align into the premier provider of technology solutions and services with a recognized center of excellence in IT Advisory, Infrastructure Design and Build Services, and Managed Services. Many of the world's leading firms including Salesforce, Uber, Pfizer, JPMorgan, the NBA, Louis Vuitton, and Barclays rely on the expertise and experience of Align to support their technology infrastructure needs.

Jim majored in architecture at Miami University of Ohio and is actively involved in a number of charitable associations, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, March of Dimes, NPower, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Jim has preserved a “can do” spirit and family-like atmosphere at Align, which have enabled Align to deliver unsurpassed client service.

“Over the years, Align has consistently exceeded client satisfaction and won their loyalty.”

“We don’t just hire intelligence, we invest in brilliant people who are forward-thinking, results-driven and passionate about information technology.”

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