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May Special Edition 2023

Alirrium: Embracing the future of work through Robotic Process Automation

Alirrium: Embracing the future of work through Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as one of the key strategies for business.  C-Suite executives have come to understand and embrace the true potential of automation in driving business transformation and value. They’ve also realized that automation isn’t just a tactic to be used sporadically. To unlock automation’s full value, it needs to be moved upstream—out of silos and into the core of every initiative across the entire business.

RPA is the fastest-growing technology in history! Why? Primarily due to the ease of adoption and the return on investment (ROI) that is recognized (consider months, not years) which has an immediate impact on the business. By having an automation first mentality, executives are seeing a better experience for both customers and employees.

We sat down with Jeff Barenz, EVP at Alirrium, to dig deeper into RPA and the success of Alirrium.

Tell us how Alirrium is humanizing the RPA process.

At Alirrium, we believe that the key to unlocking the full potential of any business is by empowering its workforce with the right tools and technology. As experts in RPA, we understand that building successful automation projects is more about building relationships than it is just about the technology. That’s why we chose a company name (Alirrium) that mimics an element on the periodic table - to emphasize our belief that Alirrium will help spearhead a new era of collaboration and productivity in the workplace.

We start every client project with a focus on the people involved, including the people whose jobs will be affected by the automation, the team building the robots, and the customers who will benefit from the improved efficiency. Our goal is to help organizations re-align their workforce by offloading low-level tasks to digital assistants, or “bots” and empowering their teams to channel their creative energies towards tasks that are uniquely human, such as brainstorming ideas, solving complex challenges, and developing strategies to drive your business forward.

Tell us about the full range of services Alirrium offers.

Our core business is a complete lifecycle approach to RPA. This includes an initial assessment, discovery, design, implementation, testing and support. We also provide full justification of ROI expectations and back end reporting. We do this for both the commercial and federal markets and deliver everything a business needs to implement RPA.

In addition to core RPA builds, we also provide Strategic RPA Consulting & Planning which includes Automation Operating Model (AOM) planning for those companies with a long-term vision to scale and expand their automation program. We offer health checks, maintenance support, ideation sessions (to help build and prioritize an automation backlog) and education and training.

Q. What strategies does Alirrium implement to transform business models and accelerate change in organizations big and small?

Change management is crucial in RPA projects because they involve significant changes to the way people work, which can create resistance and challenges to adoption. Effective change management can help mitigate these challenges, promote end user buy-in, and ensure successful implementation and adoption of RPA. Ultimately, a well-managed change process can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and overall success of RPA projects. We know that details matter, and understanding what success means to our customers factors heavily into making sure their automation journey follows a successful trajectory. And this holds true whether we are the complete outsourced provider or we are partnering with the customer to support their own independence.

Q. How often will the robots be evaluated to make sure that they stay relevant with current business demands?

By capturing real-time insights and analytics at the transaction level, the automations developed by the Alirrium team enables our customers’ business units to quickly evaluate the value provided by their digital workers

We find that applying a projected hourly rate to the “bots” is a powerful way to help our customers rationalize the value they are gaining with RPA, providing a tangible measure of the efficiency gains and cost savings achieved through automation.

Q. How do you empower your employees to grow? Tell us about the company’s work culture.

We believe great companies focus their time and effort on building a strong culture centered around a common set of core values. Knowing who you are as an organization helps to attract and retain top talent. At the end of the day, it really is the people we bring into your organization that truly differentiate us. If you are a “bot believer” and feel a connection to the Alirrium core values, please look me up on LinkedIn.     

Service: We believe great companies don’t just state customer service as a core value – they specifically define it and uphold those standards throughout the entire company to deliver an exceptional experience. We have a natural drive to bring the “wow” to the companies we work with.

Passion: We believe that you can always bet on passion. Our employees are energized and motivated to work with cutting-edge technology, and we are obsessed with ensuring this technology is used to create a better, more fulfilling experience for people and the organizations they support.

Personal Growth Mindset: We believe you should always strive to hire people who are naturally curious and who continually invest in themselves by increasing their knowledge and skills. 

Teamwork: We believe in the power of the collective genius. Companies succeed in the long run when they are able to create a high-performing work environment based on trust and supported by a servant leader mindset.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We believe motivation and job satisfaction dramatically increases when there is a personal sense of ownership in the company. We reward team members that take bold actions and think outside of the box to contribute to the growth of our company.   

We clearly understand that employees are our greatest asset, and that everyone matters, and everyone’s opinion counts.

Q. What does the road ahead look like for Alirrium? Do you have anything new coming up?

The road ahead looks bright! We continue to expand our ever-growing customer base with a great mix of commercial and Federal Government customers.  We believe that RPA technology will continue to advance rapidly, making the process of building a digital workforce easier in the coming years. We also clearly see a merging of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with RPA and fully expect the market to get rebranded to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) soon.

Anything New: Alirrium is releasing a brand-new product targeted to any organization who responds to Federal Government request for proposals (RFPs). This new product is called SalesFed and it is the ultimate solution for helping our government contracting clients develop compliance matrices and annotated outlines. With our user-friendly UI, you can easily load, tag, map, and build these products in a fraction of the time it takes to build manually. It will be like nothing else on the market and will be readily available in May of this year. Stay tuned! 

Short bio of Jeff Barenz

Jeff has been in technology for more than 30 years, starting out selling business phone systems when he graduated college and working his way to the executive ranks of several technology companies.

He has a passion for RPA so this is not just a “job” for him.

Alirrium has reached its 4th year and has dozens of loyal customers and exceptional business partners like UiPath and Deltek.

“Alirrium’s approach to RPA is less about technology and more about the people....helping them achieve a better, more fulfilling work experience.”

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