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AllazoHealth - Optimizing medication adherence and quality outcomes

AllazoHealth - Optimizing medication adherence and quality outcomes

Today, there are a lot of small pharmaceutical companies working independently. As we progress into a more healthy society, there must be a well-structured healthcare plan so that the resources are not wasted and people get the best solutions at the best rates possible. AllazoHealth is a machine learning company that focuses on driving patients' behavioral change through personalized and proactive intervention. Their mission is to be the leader in precision engagement & predictive analytics, revolutionizing how our enterprise healthcare clients engage and improve their patient population's health.

The AllazoEngine™ combines behavioral sciences and machine learning to predict which patients are at-risk for specific behaviors and identify the most effective interventions for each patient. Their approach enables their clients to design and implement more impactful intervention programs that improve their patient population outcomes. Today, the company focuses on driving behavioral change related to medication non-adherence. Their clients to date include some of the nation's largest payers, manufacturers, retail pharmacies, and provider systems.

After building an award-winning medication adherence program used by over 14 million patients, the CEO, Clifford Jones, realized the need for predictive analytics and individualized intervention targeting to better combat patient non-adherence. Unable to find these techniques properly utilized in any major program, Clifford brought together experts in machine learning, statistics, and medication adherence to form AllazoHealth in 2011.

Helping Pharmaceutical companies improve their patient support program

AllazoHealth's artificial intelligence engine accurately predicts patient non-adherence. This results in personalized engagements that deliver increased persistence and better patient outcomes for pharmaceutical companies. By targeting individual patients based on their historical behavior and unique attributes, the AllazoHealth AI engine predicts the most effective engagement, personalized by channel, content, and timing. Their artificial intelligence engine gets smarter over time, so the patient support program will continuously improve and deliver more value.

Make Pharmacies more cost-efficient

AllazoHealth's AI engine accurately targets individual patients who are both at risk of non-adherence and whose behavior can be positively influenced by interventions. The AI engine then predicts the most effective intervention, personalized by channel, content, and timing. It improves the clinical outcomes and increases reimbursement from pay-for-performance contracts such as DIR.

Adherence is a key measure in all DIR contracts. So improving medication adherence can have a dramatic impact on your reimbursement from payers. And when it comes to DIR contracts, pharmacies need to improve performance every year just to keep pace. AllazoHealth's AI engine gets smarter over time because it continually learns from new data. So your adherence program will keep improving and delivering more value.

Increasing the effectiveness of patient engagement programs for Payers and PBMs

AllazoHealth uses artificial intelligence to positively impact individual patient adherence and other medication gaps in care. Adherence and Gap-In-Care measures such as SUPD/SPC are heavily weighted, so improving patient adherence can dramatically affect Star ratings, HEDIS scores, QRS ratings, and Medicaid quality measures.

When it comes to quality ratings such as Star or HEDIS, payers and PBMs need to improve performance every year just to keep pace. AllazoHealth's AI engine gets smarter over time because it continually learns from new data. So your patient engagement program will keep improving and delivering more value. AllazoHealth's AI engine makes your interventions more efficient because it targets individual patients who are both at risk for non-adherence and who are responsive to interventions. It frees up your resources to concentrate on the patient interventions that are most likely to succeed.

AllazoHealth combines behavioral science and machine learning to help pharmaceutical companies, payers and pharmacies improve both clinical outcomes and return on program investment. The AI engine learns from a comprehensive data set of over 14 million lives, including payer, provider and retail claims, social determinants of health, and patient interventions. These diverse data sets complement each other by providing multiple views of patient behavior and have been proven to be predictive of medication adherence. The AI engine accurately correlates thousands of data variables with levels of adherence for each patient. It then provides a robust prediction for each patient's risk of being non-adherent. The AI engine also predicts each patient's likelihood of being influenced by interventions.

About the CEO

Clifford Jones is the CEO of AllazoHealth. Before founding AllazoHealth, Cliff developed CVS Caremark's (now CVS Health) award-winning "Pharmacy Advisor" medication adherence program, which earned the "2011 Rx Benefit Innovation Award" from the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute and a "Best Practices in Health Care Consumer Protection and Empowerment Award" from URAC. Earlier in his career, Cliff led the development of analytics software for Boston Consulting Group's health care practice.

Cliff has graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's dual-degree Management & Technology program, where he studied management, engineering, and mathematics. He started in the Wharton Health Care Management MBA program but left to start AllazoHealth.

"We optimize medication adherence, gaps in care, and quality outcomes for pharmaceutical companies, payers, and pharmacies. Our mission is to advance the use of AI in transforming the way enterprise healthcare organizations engage and improve the health of their patient populations."

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