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Allganize — Helping enterprises automate answering questions from unstructured text documents

Allganize — Helping enterprises automate answering questions from unstructured text documents

Chatbots today have become much advanced. Historically, they have mostly given poor experience and often outweighed the cost reduction component due to ticket deflection. But lately, with the AI and Machine learning capabilities, chatbots have become instrumental in streamlining and optimizing customer service operations. Chatbots are already found on company websites as well as in mobile applications, and social media messaging apps and have become a critical component of companies' customer-service operations.

Allganize is a company that helps insurance, finance, SaaS companies automate answering questions from a myriad of complex text documents. Its applications include assisting service representatives in customer support centers, enhancing the search experience on the website and mobile app for end-users, providing customer support chatbots, and extracting important entities from text contracts for underwriters and agents. Unlike its competitors in the enterprise AI space, Allganize's proprietary technology does not require any manual data tagging, making it very quick to implement while providing best-in-class results accuracy. By adopting Allganize, it is proven that an agent can handle 3X - 5X more tickets per day as the AI can answer 50% - 80% of questions automatically.

Industry-Leading AI Answer Bot

Alli AI Answer Bot intelligently responds to customers through natural chat conversation flows, enabling the automation of up to 80% of support tickets. This allows customers to get serviced faster while improving employee productivity.

In-House Help Desk

Alli AI Answer Bot accurately responds to internal staff inquiries about human resources, accounting, information systems, sales support, and other general questions. This decreases unnecessary support exchanges and reduces the amount of human labor required to address them.

Customer Support

Best of all, Alli Answer Bot automatically responds to chat support inquiries from customers that visit your websites. Reducing the number of phone and e-mail inquires requiring human attention leaves your support agents to handle larger support requests while improving customer satisfaction.

Customized Insights

Alli Answer Bot can personalize the chat flow based on the context of the conversation. Enabling AI automation of complex tasks, Alli understands the nature of inquiries and provides the right solution, such as responding to the inquiry with the right form.

Alli AI Answer Bot has best-in-class accuracy proven to outperform others. Also, it does not need any repetitive manual data logging before deploying the bot. You can also use it on all your websites, apps, and internal communication tools and take advantage of the SDKs and pre-built integrations with all major CRMs and messaging tools. Some of the important features of Alli Answer Bot include:

Understands Context: With the ability to understand the meaning and intent of a sentence, the AI chatbot provides accurate responses to any question that is phrased differently when searching for the same answer

Supports Live-Chat: The chatbot allows operators to take over at any point of the chat conversation with the ability to use cognitive search to instantly find answers to critical questions.

No-Code Chatflow Design: Using a simple drag and drop interface, you can design conversational flows and automate complex tasks without needing any coding

No Manual Data Tagging: Alli lets you upload FAQs along with any type of company documents, and Alli AI Answer Bot is ready to use immediately

Advanced-Data Analytics: It gives you insights by analyzing the number of inquiries and the nature of requests to automate frequently asked questions

Cognitive Document Search: The AI solution understands the content of text documents (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and accurately provides answers to inquiries

Cognitive Search

Allganize employs the best cognitive search feature to find quick answers. The cognitive search AI solution automatically extracts relevant information to deliver accurate results. The company's all-in-one AI solutions understands the context of the search query and provides relevant results, leaving customers satisfied. Employees spend an average of 2.5 hours sorting through documents. Allganize provides them accurate answers through smart search, improving employee efficiency.

With support for multiple file types, including unstructured documents, the intelligent search extracts answers quickly, allowing agents to handle up to five times more support tickets. Allganize's AI solution understands the search query using natural language understanding and provides the answer in sentence or paragraph form, making contact center service representatives experts in their field.

Finding the right answers quickly can be difficult when a company has hundreds of documents to sort through. Allganize has perfected a smart search solution that instantaneously provides the relevant answer to a search inquiry, giving employees back that valuable time to their workday. Proven to outperform other cognitive search solutions, its results are over 90% accurate and provide answers at the sentence level.

Meet the CEO

Changsu Lee is the CEO and Founder of Allganize — the leading cognitive search platform in the world. Allganize's AI automatically finds the answer from myriads of documents. It can be provided as a chatbot or an API for helping to answer your customer and employees' question right away. Lee is also the Founder of 5Rocks. Additionally, he has had three past jobs, including SVP of Platforms at Tapjoy. Lee studied at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), where he completed his B.S. and M.S . in Computer Science.

"Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we are dedicated to each aspect of NLU AI technology to create the best-in-class solutions for our partners."

"Allganize's industry-leading AI solutions provide businesses the best tool to automate customer and employee support."

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