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Alphamega Hypermarkets - The Largest And Fastest-Growing Supermarket Chain In Cyprus

Alphamega Hypermarkets - The Largest And Fastest-Growing Supermarket Chain In Cyprus

In the past decade, we have seen a shift in the trend for shopping. With online shopping sites and food ordering apps flooding the market, the offline market has shrunk. But, the real experience of shopping physically at the store still cannot be replaced by online or virtual reality. One such hypermarket, Alphamega, based in Cyprus, believes in the real offline shopping experience. It is also the largest and fastest-growing supermarket chain in Cyprus. It offers a unique mix of offline as well as online shopping experience through a combined app.

As of December 2019, it already has 16 stores and 1800 employees across the country. You can find a wide variety of quality products in their stores. Basically, it is for everyone individually. They offer unique service experience to the consumers through their well-trained staff, the quality controls of their products, their modern services as well as the rich privileges offered to the customers. With the modern Customer Relationship Management system, they can serve customers based on their unique needs, making their buying experience more immediate, easy, and fast.

Through another innovation of Alphamega, the Social Family Card, customers can use social media to be immediately informed about new products, services, and offers, participate in competitions with rich gifts, and enjoy a series of exclusive privileges. Alphamega takes care of its people. It has certification with the “International Standard Investors In People,” the only internationally recognized quality standard in the field of Human Resource Management and Development.

Alphamega also contributes to the growth of the economy and the strengthening of employment. From 2013 until today, they have invested around 75 million euros in developing new stores and creating 1100 new jobs, thus emphasizing their growth perspective and showing confidence in the Cypriot economy’s prospects. With an active corporate responsibility program, they have a leading role in the country’s social life and the communities in which they operate. Alphamega also takes care of each of the activities to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Customer Relationship Management system at Alphamega

At Alphamega Hypermarkets, great customer service is at the core of their operations. Through their CRM system, they focus on making each and every person interacting feel valued. Among others, they categorize and segment each customer, so any communication with them is fully personalized, based on their communication and purchasing preferences.

Alphamega aims to predict and serve their customers’ needs before they even realize them. Since introducing a CRM system, they have optimized the service by significantly reducing waiting times and improving the internal flow of information to take immediate action.

Alphamega’s Social Family Card

Through Alphamega’s Loyalty scheme, the customers can earn points and redeem them for cashbacks at their stores. Moreover, they have access to exclusive offers only available to cardholders, as they receive personalized offers. You can find the nearest store, as well as updates about working hours and other information via Google Business (G Maps). Another option to find an Alphamega store is via the company’s Loyalty App or website.

Alphamega loyalty app was created to offer exceptional customer service, but this doesn’t only include in-store experience. They take advantage of the technological advances to improve the experience of their customers within or outside the store. The Alphamega Loyalty app provides the customers with the ability to monitor and manage their Loyalty accounts from their home’s comfort. Through the app, Alphamega also can analyze their data and take action faster. This has been especially helpful recently, with Covid-19 changing the world as we know it.

Alphamega has relied heavily on its app for real-time communication and adaptation to the impact of Covid-19 and the government guidelines and measures on their services. As a result, the Alphamega Loyalty app has recently reached 50,000 registrations. With the ALPHAMEGA Social Family Card, you can take advantage of FREE shopping worth up to €40 from the Alphamega supermarkets. The Social Family’s regular customer reward card rewards the customers for choosing Alphamega Supermarkets for their shopping, crediting them with points every time they make purchases. These points can then be redeemed for gift vouchers for free shopping from the Alphamega Supermarkets, worth €10, €15, €25, or €40. By simply entering the Social Family card number at the checkout, customers can automatically earn points for the purchases’ value.

The Stick and Win mobile app

Stick and Win is the digital version of Alphamega’s Continuity scheme, through which their customers are rewarded with free scheme products based on their spending. The app was especially helpful in eliminating long queues and operational issues that impacted their customers’ satisfaction, such as missing out on deadlines or losing their paper stickers. The customers are able to collect and redeem their stickers digitally or transfer them to their friends.

Alphamega’s vision is to be there where others aim to be, by offering the ultimate in-store or online shopping experience through excellence in quality and service. Due to the employees’ dedicated contribution, Alphamega has been able to build the Alphamega Hypermarket environment.

About the Founder and CEO

Andreas Papaellinas, Founder of C.A. Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd

Andreas Papaellinas began his professional career in 1954, joining the family business of C. A. Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd. In 1963, he founded Papaellinas Hellas in Athens as a subsidiary company. In the 1990s, he left the company and focused on the Cypriot market. In 1997, he took over the Charalambides Supermarket management in Engomi, which he later named Alphamega Hypermarket.

George Theodotou, CEO at  C.A. Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd

George Theodotou is the Marketing Director and CEO at Alphamega Hypermarkets. He has managed to demonstrate strong managerial skills, leading to his company’s growth. With his grandfather’s guidance, Andreas Papaellinas, he succeeded in transforming Alphamega Hypermarkets into a market leader, even in the midst of the financial crisis.

“We are proud of the unique service experience we provide to consumers: with our trained staff,

 the quality controls of our products, our modern services, as well as the rich privileges enjoyed by our customers.”

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