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Alvotech – Improving patient lives and global healthcare ecosystem by broadening the availability of biosimilars

Alvotech – Improving patient lives and global healthcare ecosystem by broadening the availability of biosimilars

Biologic medicines (biologics) are produced through biotechnology in living systems. These are large, complex molecules that require advanced characterization techniques and are typically injected or infused. In contrast, conventional medicines are typically chemically synthesized small molecules that are more easily characterized and are commonly delivered in pill or capsule form. The innovation and advancement of biologics are the result of cutting-edge research that has provided novel and life-changing treatments across therapeutic areas and for a variety of diseases.  Biologics are innovative treatment options for patients affected by debilitating and life-threatening diseases; however, they are often associated with high costs and limited patient access. Fortunately, more affordable options for many patients who rely on biologic treatments are beginning to enter the market: biosimilars. A biosimilar is a biologic medicine that is highly similar to a previously approved reference biologic currently on the market. Biosimilars are important because they have an opportunity to provide competition in the market and expand patient access to critical medicines, much like the advent of generic medications more than 35 years ago. Biosimilars provide a more cost-effective alternative to health systems, payers and patients. The promise of biosimilars is greater access to these life-changing biologics for those who could otherwise not afford them.

Alvotech is one such company, which has a deep appreciation for the positive impact biologic medicines have had on the healthcare sector. From insulin to vaccines to monoclonal antibody cancer therapies, biologic medicines are revolutionizing the way they treat diseases and improve patient lives. It is their aim to broaden the availability of these important biologic medicines to patients around the world by developing and manufacturing high-quality, cost-competitive biosimilars. The company is driven by a commitment to the promise of biosimilars is foundational to their approach, their culture and the strong sense of purpose that inspires them to work smarter and faster towards this mission. By lowering costs for existing treatments, Alvotech can potentially make healthcare systems more sustainable while freeing up resources to fund next-generation, innovative branded biologics.

Q. Why Alvotech?

At Alvotech, they specialize in biosimilars and love what they do. The company has over 900 professionals across multiple countries, and is united by commitment to improving lives by expanding access to affordable biologic medicines. It’s this purpose-driven culture that unifies them and diverse set of expertise that generates the acumen, ingenuity and drive to achieve their mission together. Alvotech benefits from a motivated, passionate and empowered workforce that is not only representative of the diverse marketplace they serve, but also collaborative and fully engaged. They bring together the brightest minds, investing in science and people to deliver to their partners and patients around the world.

The Alvotech Difference

Curiosity: Alvotech is inquisitive and believe in continuous learning from each other, through critical discourse and from their experiences.

Passion: The company is passionate about work and life - advancing health and equality while promoting diversity and sustainability.

Simplicity: They build efficient and well-defined processes - a quality mindset is fundamental to everything they do.

Ingenuity: Alvotech is inventive at heart and approach their work with a pioneering mindset, always searching for opportunities for continuous improvement.

Agility: The company is nimble and empower their teams to be proactive - adapting to change with a positive mindset and leading with data-driven solutions.

Integrity: They are honest, transparent and respectful and strive to remove barriers, communicating directly and effectively with each other.

Better Access. Better Lives.

Alvotech is led by science, driven by passion, and committed to biosimilars. They are continually evaluating additional pipeline opportunities to bring a strategic and robust selection of treatment options to patients around the world. Working with Alvotech means gaining access to a partner highly committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality, cost-competitive biosimilars. They look for commercial partners that share their passion for broadening the access of biosimilars to patients around the world and that have the deep expertise to make the promise of biosimilars a reality. The company is open to partnerships and license agreements for their biosimilar assets worldwide. They believe that by working together, and can benefit from the best of what they bring to each other and the value they create for the customers.

Mark Levick | CEO

Mark Levick leads Alvotech with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, blending a clinical background with deep business expertise. Most recently, he oversaw the successful approval in major markets of five of the earliest biosimilars medicines as Global Head of Biopharmaceutical Development for Sandoz, a division of Novartis. After seeing the life-changing impact that biosimilars could have, he became a passionate advocate for broader access to biologic medicines and he brings that passion to Alvotech.

Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, Mark served as a medical reviewer at the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and the European Medicines Agency, following more than 10 years practicing as a specialist physician in teaching hospitals in the UK and Australia. Mark has a medical degree from the University of Newcastle, Australia, and is board certified in both infection medicine and general medicine. He studied at the University of Cambridge in the UK as a Commonwealth scholar and holds a PhD in vaccine development from Cambridge University.

"We are driven by passion - if there is a proven biologic medicine, we believe it should be accessible to all patients in need."

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