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AmCheck: Providing Technology, Service, and Support for the Full Lifecycle of Employment

AmCheck: Providing Technology, Service, and Support for the Full Lifecycle of Employment

There has been a dynamic shift in the last ten years demanding that businesses leverage software to gain an advantage over their competitors by increasing internal efficiencies, providing access to real time data to enable clients to make swift decisions, and be able to identify opportunities where they exist before the competition can. Employers are faced with countless software options to choose from when it comes to managing the employee life cycle.

The payroll industry has been around since 1949 and initially served employers solely to process employee checks correctly. The evolution of the industry has seen increasing compliance regulations imposed on employers, which has created demand from clients to have employee management tools that will achieve efficiencies, assist in compliance, and still pay the employees correctly. Over the last decade, technology companies have provided software to employers to manage one aspect of employee management, such as benefits administration, but not necessarily to encompass the full life cycle of the employment relationship.

A Complete Suite

Following the advent of Human Resources Information System(s) (HRIS) software options, many components were underutilized because the disparate systems needed to integrate properly in order to be effective tools. Unfortunately, many employers did not have the internal resources or the HR expertise to manage the multiple systems housing data. Therefore, a single, all-inclusive solution that provides compliance and ease of use for employers and their employees, has led to the current demand for Human Capital Management (HCM) technology in the marketplace. The key to any HCM system is optimizing employee engagement while providing a true management tool that employers and employees can rely on to manage all aspects of the employee life cycle easily.

This is where AmCheck delivers on the partnership with their clients: by providing powerful, leading edge and award-winning HCM technology and the expertise to deliver it. With a single database that houses Payroll, Time and Attendance, Benefits and HR tools, coupled with flexibility and ease of use, it is no wonder that AmCheck has experienced significant growth since they opened their first location in 1996. “While technology has advanced and will continue to advance, at the end of the day, we are still a service company,” says Scott Maichel, a Managing Partner of AmCheck. “And this is what makes all the difference,” Maichel adds.

The Bureau

Even in their growth to a nationwide company with 12 locations, AmCheck has never forgotten its primary foundation: ‘A CLIENT is the most important person in our business and we have the honor of being their chosen partner.’ “I believe the reason our service scores are so high is our ability to treat our customers like people and not a number,” says Maichel. With over 20 years in the business, AmCheck and its leadership team have the combined tenure, experience, and culture to provide a level of service that is unsurpassed. AmCheck is considered one of the first service bureaus, often referred to as payroll companies, to deliver the Administrative Services Offering (ASO) to the marketplace in early 2000. It is this foundation of managing all aspects of Payroll, HR, and Benefits on behalf of their clients that has given AmCheck the competitive edge as they have offered these services since inception and brought the Managed Services Offering (MSO) to the marketplace in recent years.

Traditionally, payroll companies have focused on payroll and call center service models. If they offered more options, the services were provided by other divisions and employers never truly had all aspects of what they needed delivered with one point of contact. AmCheck saw the value in consolidating these services early on, which helped position the company as a leader in the sector. “Anyone can provide software and charge a fee for it. However, do they understand how the software needs to be leveraged and supported? It is important to have successful user adoption to manage all aspects of the employer and employee relationship to truly achieve the efficiencies desired,” notes Marie Pfau, a Managing Partner. AmCheck delivers a client-centered service model focused on providing a single point of contact for all the client’s needs. This has contributed to AmCheck having the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the industry, achieving above 70 every year, drastically outscoring the competition. 

Success Begins With Service

One of the primary reasons for the success of AmCheck’s customer service is its culture and environment. “Showing our employees we care with simple gestures like making them burgers and brats for lunch on the grill in our beautiful outdoor courtyard goes a long way in building a company culture of service,” shares Maichel. To achieve its internal service goals, AmCheck invests in training and cross training to help clients maximize resources and minimize costs.  

As businesses move towards a more “self-service” culture for employees, the talent at AmCheck is equipped to assist clients with implementing a solution that redistributes redundant and time-consuming tasks to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) environment freeing up HR professionals to work with AmCheck to resolve the more complex matters businesses face.

The company will always continue to in its mission to ensure employees’ and clients’ happiness. Pfau concludes, “AmCheck will continue to innovate ways to service technology solutions to ensure that the customer experience is one of partnership and we remain trusted advisors to our clients.” Maichel adds “…and that begins with our commitment to our employees, our customers, our communities and our mission to never be complacent.”

Meet the Leadership of AmCheck

Scott Maichel is a Managing Partner of AmCheck. He has been in the HR and payroll business since 1992. Maichel pioneered several unique offerings such as the AmCheck employment attorney hotline and the college scholarship program offered through Brandman University. He is an advocate for the San Diego broker community and has special interests in supporting several Autism focused organizations. He is also a life-long Chicago Cubs fan.

Meet the Leadership of AmCheck

Marie T. Pfau is a Managing Partner of AmCheck and a Denver Bronco fan. She began her career in Colorado, her homestate, in the commercial real estate and construction industry. In 2002 Marie joined the AmCheck team in Phoenix with a passion for working with entrepreneurs. Since opening the office in Irvine CA she has enjoyed collaborating with the dynamic business community in Orange County. Marie supports many organizations that focus on resources for the deaf community.

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