Alexa Amobee: Advertising solutions for the converging world
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Amobee: Advertising solutions for the converging world

Amobee: Advertising solutions for the converging world

“End-to-end campaign and portfolio management across TV, digital and social.”

Every day brands and agencies are looking for innovative ways to market their products and the way they expend their marketing budgets cannot be driven by personal decisions at least without a solid backing from in the form of market insights and analytics.

Amobee walks in as the global marketing technology company that transforms the way brands and agencies make marketing decisions. The company has a patented Brand Intelligence technology that measures digital engagement accurately to provide a better understanding of the consumer mindset and interests by closely analyzing the audiences.

Amobee follows a rigorous marketing schedule by enabling marketers to plan and activate cross channel, programmatic media campaigns with the help pf real-time market research, proprietary audience data, analytics and about 150 integrated partners like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

Unifying all advertising channels

Amobee is the world’s leading independent advertising platform that brings together all advertising channels under one roof including TV, programmatic and social—across all formats and devices. This will enhance the marketer's media planning capability by streamlining all the activities which are powered by in-depth analytics and proprietary audience data.

Amobee acquired Videology in 2018 intending to provide the most advanced advertising solutions for the convergence of digital and advanced TV thus combining TV digital and social on a single platform. Amobee’s technology has been powering several global brands and agencies like Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, Lexus, Kellogg’s, Starcom and Publicis. One of the major reasons for these brands adopting Amobee is that they allow advertisers to plan and activate across more than 150 integrated partners including major social media giants.

Amobee is committed to building a vibrant and people-driven culture across the globe. Due to its outstanding performance in the field, the company has been awarded Fortune’s Top 10 Best Workplaces in Advertising and Marketing. Amobee’s leadership in technology innovation has been widely recognized, including Digiday Technology Awards for Best Data Management Platform and Best Marketing Dashboard Software, Mumbrella Asia Award for Marketing Technology Company of the

Why Amobee?

Amobee become the world’s leading technology using its unique technology and consistent result-driven performance. Three key factors make Amobee unique.

Omnichannel Platform: In today's world, the key to reaching out to customers is through the multichannel approach and Amobee’s omnichannel platform helps in automating the planning and buying process across TV, digital and social. Amobee advertising platform allows the businesses to better understand and influence the consumer's decision journey across any screen at any stage. 

Insights Focus: Insights are what drives businesses in making the right decision at the right time and  Amobee helps businesses with the help of AI and algorithms, data analysis tools and real-time reports. Amobee gives the companies an extra sight of what works and what doesn't.

Expert Guidance:  Expert guidance is guaranteed in Amobee including developing a data, media and software strategy. Also, access to the company's refined data and media is an add-on while working with Amobee.

World-class products

The Amobee marketing platform is a 360-degree solution for companies who are striving to understand the market, gain insights and drive results.  Amobee provides access to over 100 partners in real-time along with analytics-driven decision making that can leverage insights strategies to push the marketing strategies and gain timely results.

Amobee DMP is a data management platform that is solely designed for marketers, media companies and agencies. The platform lets users compile first, second and third-party data and aggregate consumer profiles with Amobee data and thus build an in-depth composite profile of each customer. There are several features like Amobee Flextag; data capture tool and Amobee AlwaysOn Data which depicts more than 90,000 demographic and psychographic attributes.

Meet the Industry expert

Kim Perell has served as CEO of Amobee since 2016. She is a seasoned self-built entrepreneur and executive with 15+ years of experience in the marketing technology sector, building high-performing teams, overseeing complex mergers, acquisitions and integrations, and scaling global operations. Before joining Amobee, Kim was CEO of Adconion Direct, a global digital marketing company, which was acquired by Amobee in 2014. Kim had also founded a company herself named Frontline Direct which grew to more than $100M in revenue. Further Frontline Direct was acquired by Adconion Media Group in 2008 and she was announced the CEO for both the companies. In 2013 she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and Woman of Excellence Entrepreneur of the Year by the National Association for Female Executives. Kim was also named one of Business Insider's Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising in 2016. Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, magna cum laude, from Pepperdine University.


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