Alexa ANALEC –  A leading service provider in the capital markets space
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ANALEC –  A leading service provider in the capital markets space

ANALEC –  A leading service provider in the capital markets space

Are you a broker-dealer that produces investment research and helps investors make profitable investments? However, you find yourself dealing with significant headwinds in the form of cost pressures, differentiation of product offering, workflow compliance challenges and regulatory challenges around MiFID II compliance. In the midst of all of this, ANALEC – a financial technology company – helps its banks and broker-dealers navigate these choppy waters and yet create world class customer engagement.

ANALEC was established in the year 2003 and it pledged to be a partner of choice for broker-dealers, banks and investment research organizations when it comes to research authoring, workflow compliance and content distribution as well as capability that helps to build a world class customer engagement experience via its CRM solution. ANALEC established its reputation in the Asia-Pacific region and over the last three years has ventured into the North American market place with increasingly clear momentum.

ANALEC’s offerings include Research Wise, an investment research platform designed to address the challenges posed by the new realities in the research marketplace with the growing importance of social media, while raising the customer engagement quotient of research in the marketplace. Its capital markets CRM offering - Client Manager - caters specifically to the stockbroking and investment banking industries; additionally as part of its CRM offering it offers a fully integrated conference management solution, helping brokers and banks manage their corporate access services far more effectively.

ANALEC has its presence in the United States, Singapore, India and the UK.

“Having the right culture is extremely important for a business to succeed”

Culture is an important piece of the puzzle; a right culture, in a company or an institution, “holds things together over time,” says Indy Sarker, the founder and CEO of ANALEC. Culture at ANALEC, he says, “is massively shaped by our core values around treating our customers as partners; our people as our real differentiator and X-factor; unwavering commitment to integrity at all levels and at all times; striving for leadership in all our pursuits; imbibing a global culture around mindsets that transcends geographic boundaries; and a real meritocracy that promotes excellence.” All put together, ANALEC focuses on maintaining a high-level of customer satisfaction.

Employees and customers are two sides of the same coin, says Mr. Sarker. Leaders at ANALEC, including him, he says, strive to create an environment that attracts the best talent in the industry.

ANALEC delivers a merit-driven culture and prides itself on assigning early responsibility to high potential team members. “Employees are the key to our long-run success as they are the ones that work to understand our customers and deliver on their needs,” Mr. Sarker said.

ANALEC is obsessed with its customers and its employees, equally

As a firm, ANALEC sets lofty goals that will allow them to reach greater heights in the sector of their offering. There is honesty and openness across the entire team at ANALEC because of the transparent work culture at the company. “We promote the highest levels of transparency and integrity across all our teams in all our endeavors,” says Indy Sarker. ANALEC creates an environment that motivates its employees to excel in their respective roles. The company creates opportunities for career growth and learning, and nurture talent to go the extra mile. ANALEC values the work of its employees; it also rewards them to keep them motivated to maintain and improve their good work.

Mr. Sarker considers customers as partners in ANALEC’s success over the years and looks forward to building long-lasting fruitful relationships influenced by the organization’s ethos and culture. The company’s mission is to address the needs of its customers as quickly as possible by constantly staying in contact with them.

ANALEC encourages a healthy Work-Life balance for its employees

Achieving the right work-life balance is always difficult for a high energy company that has been geographically spreading its wings over the years. However, ANALEC, unlike other emerging companies, encourages a healthy work-life balance for its employees. Practices at ANALEC empower employees to produce their best work and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life, as told by the CEO. “While we strive to deliver a balance, I believe we focus on making the lives of each member of our team enriching and professionally rewarding.” he noted.

ANALEC plans Company Expansion

ANALEC’s steadfast focus on customer needs and aspirations coupled with its ability to move swiftly to meet those evolving needs has been integral to the company’s reputation in the marketplace. “We believe our future success rests on our ability to take individual customer success stories and translate that into a stronger momentum for growth in the years ahead,” Mr. Sarker said, talking about what kept them pushing ahead and what will contribute to its growth in the coming years.

Their uniqueness, according to him, is based on two fundamental pillars, namely – (a) their domain knowledge and expertise in capital markets, and (b) their ability to solve customer challenges, both tactical and strategic. The leadership team at ANALEC offers at least 100 years of combined expertise in capital markets, in front-end client servicing roles as well as technology development and deployment. Given the depth and breadth of capability embedded in their multiple platforms, ANALEC is a prime choice for customers seeking to deploy an integrated solution across their research and client servicing CRM needs. Customers also benefit from significantly lower total-cost-of-ownership and higher ROI.

The company remains steadfast in its mission to become a best-in-class solutions provider in North America. ANALEC is “committed to making the right investments and remains very determined to achieve its goals,” says Mr. Sarker.

The Business Controller, Indy Sarker

Indy Sarker is Founder and CEO of ANALEC. His 20-year-old prowess in the industry has made ANALEC a leading financial technology company that deliver investment research workflow solutions and a CRM for capital markets professionals. Indy was recognized as the No.1 Investment Analyst by Asia Money and a No.2 by Institutional Investors, in the same category, while he was a sell-side analyst in Hong Kong, prior to co-founding ANALEC.

Mr. Sarker’s investment research career began in the U.K., and prior to ANALEC, he also worked for Deutsche Bank based out of Hong Kong. In the meanwhile, he also writes at the TABB forum and several other financial journals and magazines, about topical and strategic issues confronted by the broker-dealer industry.

"We strive to deliver an enriching work environment for our teams to excel and add value to our customers."

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