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An innovator delivering end-to-end commerce enablement platform to business value chain: AnyMind Group

An innovator delivering end-to-end commerce enablement platform to business value chain: AnyMind Group

AnyMind Group is a technology company that provides a one-stop platform for brands to support production, e-commerce construction, marketing, and logistics in 13 markets and 17 offices around the world. Technology has enabled an age where anyone can do business with the rest of the world. However, borders still remain. Borders between siloed information and data across a business, borders between physical boundaries, borders between businesses and their customers, and more. AnyMind is looking to make every business borderless by providing an integrated platform that solves challenges for people and companies with passion and ideas. AnyMind’s technology creates a world where everyone can do business more easily and globally.

Solutions for brands

Easily create products through cloud manufacturing anytime, anywhere, providing you with unrestricted access to hundreds of factories and manufacturers across the region. Manage your entire manufacturing chain within a single platform, enabling you to do so much more. Work with a wide network and variety of manufacturers for easy and scaled access to find the best partners to meet your needs, including product type, production volume and cost. The built-in project management tool provides you with an easy way to feedback on specifications and manages your manufacturing process, enabling you to avoid communication barriers, inadequacies or omissions.

In addition to the construction and implementation of your e-commerce portals, AnyMind provides you with tools that supercharge your e-commerce infrastructure, including site optimization and traffic analysis, automation capabilities with its manufacturing and logistics tools, and more. Support to design, develop and implement your e-commerce site to fit your requirements, ensuring scalability and usability for your digital storefront. Easily tap on analytics tools to identify opportunities and gaps, optimization tools for site acceleration, push notification features and more and marketing platforms to drive users to your e-commerce platform. Direct integrations and data synergy across AnyMind Group's solutions suite, including manufacturing and logistics, provides you with a one-stop digital business infrastructure.

Make Every Business Borderless

Unlock a comprehensive range of tools and solutions to drive growth in existing and new areas - from web and app monetization, to media commerce, page speed improvements and analytics. Maximize web revenue by tapping on products and in-market experts to unlock new ad revenue opportunities. Access powerful insights including user behavior data, push notification delivery data, advertising revenue data and more. AnyManager's AnyMind Tag Service (ATS) is connected to over 70 top SSPs, ad networks and DSPs to provide you with increased revenue opportunities through a single ad tag. Tap on AnyMind's own ad marketplace, directly connected to top advertisers globally and featuring built-in ad quality control levers, to drive programmatic delivery and revenue.

Tap on tools and services to drive mobile app growth. From user retention and acquisition to monetization and overseas expansion of apps and ASO measures. Access detailed reporting and insights through the AnyManager dashboard including user behavior and advertising revenue data. AnyMind’s consultants can also work with you to design in-app events and infrastructure based on your requirements. Easily design, implement and mediate demand across AnyMind Group's partners through a single software development kit (SDK). This enables constant revenue enhancement initiatives delivered without having to write additional code. Unlock key insights and actions for app store optimization (ASO) through AnyManager to drive increased acquisition of highly-engaged users.


A media growth platform that provides a one-stop solution for media and e-commerce support - from monetization to UX improvement. You can customize the functions of AnyManager for each stage of your media, including AMP and PWA conversion, and ASO analysis tools for mobile apps. In addition to revenue data, AnyManager integrates data from your own media properties (websites and mobile apps), allowing you to have a complete view of your opportunities from various angles. With Story Engine, you can easily create Web Stories just by entering a URL. You can also customize content and deliver it to specified locations on a web page, or use the hosting feature. App developers can easily enable multiple mediation partners to implement and start monetizing by installing only AnySDK. AnyMind Group also runs a robust ad marketplace connected directly to advertisers globally. This also includes built-in quality control levers to guarantee quality of traffic. AnyManager users can easily tap on a tool that provides in-depth analytics for social media, providing insight into follower trends and post performance in one glance. There are also add-ons for competitor analysis, tag/trend analysis and follower analysis.


AnyFactory is a cloud manufacturing platform that enables anyone to find the best suppliers to create their desired products. AnyFactory is connected with over 200 manufacturers across Asia, matching the best factory for products our customers envision. Easily find manufacturers based on your planned budget, item quantity, product type and other preferences. You can also find manufacturer reviews from other users. Gain a complete view on a single dashboard for all your on-going orders and projects, including cost estimates, sample production and delivery. Get your products onto AnyMind’s online marketplace and be featured alongside merchandise from influencers, creators and individuals

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and Co-Founder

“As a company, our purpose is to make it exciting for everyone to do business. From our technology and solutions to our people, we’re all focused on opening up new possibilities for our customers, and that is why we’ve constantly evolved and expanded our offerings over the years.”

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