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January Monthly Edition 2023

Apiture – Redefining Digital Banking through comprehensive online and mobile solutions that support banks and credit unions

Apiture – Redefining Digital Banking through comprehensive online and mobile solutions that support banks and credit unions

At Apiture, their mission is to empower financial institutions to know and serve their clients with the care of a traditional community institution at the scale, speed, and efficiency required in today’s digital world. With more than 300 clients throughout the U.S., they deliver comprehensive online and mobile solutions that support banks and credit unions, ranging from small community financial institutions to new, innovative direct banks. With Apiture, you’ll benefit from their front-row seat to innovation. The firm continuously evaluates options available in the complex technology ecosystem, identifying and integrating with best-in-class partners to support their clients. And, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the public cloud — from the highest security, uptime, and scalability to the speed to market needed in today’s competitive environment — with solutions deployed in Amazon Web Services.

Unparalleled Expertise and Service Offered

Consumer Banking: Give your consumers a fully featured, differentiated experience through hundreds of pre-built integrations with the industry’s leading fintechs. And, with integrations to 40+ leading core interfaces, you can enhance your digital offering without changing your core provider. Provide consumers with the tools they need to better manage their financial health. Apiture offers solutions ranging from smart spending tools and automatic transaction categorization to personal credit score reporting. As the use of digital banking channels grows, providing in-application support is more important than ever. Their robust digital support tools — including screen sharing, video, and chat, voice, and text capabilities— are integrated with their platform to provide consumers with the support they need, when they need it.

Business Banking: Give clients a purpose-built solution created to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses. With security, controls, payments, and enhanced reporting features, your business users will spend less time banking and more time building their business. With small businesses on the rise, business owners are looking for easy and remote ways to open a new account through online or mobile channels. With Apiture’s digital account opening options, businesses can open and fund new accounts online in minutes. Create a truly customized experience with the Apiture Account Opening solution, or select one of their pre-integrated partners for a turnkey solution. Fully integrated remote deposit capture options will help your business clients eliminate trips to your financial institution while accelerating access to funds.

Account Opening: Grow your account base by meeting consumers and businesses where they are – online – with a comprehensive digital account opening solution to help users establish and fund new checking, savings, money market, or certificate of deposit (CD) accounts. With Apiture’s Account Opening solution, you can create a truly unique account opening solution using the APIs and software development kits available in their developer portal. Your development team can tailor the experience with custom channels or unique integrations and create workflows best suited for your audience. Offer users a seamless process to open accounts in minutes on their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Take control and create a truly unique account opening experience using the APIs and SDKs available in their development portal. Alternatively, choose a turnkey approach with their configurable white-label solution that includes a UI framework, configurations, and existing integrations. ID verification and screening process includes evaluation of the individual who is performing the application, as well as a separate evaluation of the business. Customize and configure Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Know Your Customer (KYC) questions, including the ability to change the order of questions, change content or responses, or configure hard stops in the application and what response might trigger a review versus a pass.

API Banking: Apiture’s API banking solution allows you to take control of your digital banking platform and benefit from flexible Open Banking technology. With the API-first design, your developers can create truly unique digital banking experiences using their embeddable web components, SDKs, and APIs. API banking technology empowers you to extend banking services through new distribution channels, enabling you to discover new use cases and additional revenue streams. Leading toward a future where financial institutions can bypass legacy screen-scraping models to enable data access, Apiture’s Open APIs are built to allow secure, tokenized access to financial data. As a member of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), Apiture is at the forefront of digital banking technology through the industry-led standard for data sharing through the FDX API. One way to apply API banking technology is to explore new partnerships through an embedded banking strategy. In this scenario, you empower strategic partners to access financial data in real-time while leaving the development effort to Apiture. This technology also offers tremendous potential for growth in an almost untapped market.

Chris Babcock | CEO

Chris Babcock has over 25 years of experience in financial services technology with a balanced background across technology, business, sales, and delivery. Chris was a co-founder of the Americas office of Clear2Pay in 2005 as CTO. After the FIS acquisition of Clear2Pay in 2014, Chris held leadership roles in technology, product management, sales, and pre-sales. Prior to his tenure at FIS and Clear2Pay, Chris held various technology and leadership positions at S1 Corporation and Accenture. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Duke University.

"We know and serve your clients with the care of a community institution at the scale, speed, and efficiency required in today’s digital world."

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