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Approyo: Unleashing Digital Transformation

Approyo: Unleashing Digital Transformation

SAP’s vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. With SAP HANA as the great simplifier, SAP customers are creating breakthroughs that solve complex, intractable problems.

However, companies, both big and small, that are finding it difficult to implement and use SAP and Big Data technologies. To ensure companies gain maximum benefit from these technologies, Approyo makes it simple to implement SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA and other SAP applications for today and the future.

CEO Christopher Carter started Approyo in 2011, when he understood the need for a company that could provide cost-effective, strategic solutions using the best of SAP, cloud, and big data analytics. The team at Approyo is dedicated and experienced that will tailor technology solutions and help companies achieve business goals. Today, the company comes with 15 years of experience and 100+ HANA environments and is spread across four continents.

Follow Approyo down the rabbit hole

When CEO Chris Carter started Approyo, he was looking for an identity, something different from the normal technology company. Chris saw Alice in Wonderland sitting on his bookshelf and a light-bulb went off in his head.

“The leap you have to take from being an entrepreneur and the leap it takes to get customers to the new world of Big Data and SAP, it just fell into that world of Alice in Wonderland for me. With technology like the Cloud and Big Data going more mainstream and SAP HANA gaining traction, now is the time for companies to go down the rabbit hole of technology,” he says.

Approyo opened its door to a bright future when it launched its first SAP Solution on a VM/Cloud. This showcased to the world that an ERP solution like SAP could be put into a VM and spread across the landscape. The company strategy is based on platform ecosystem trend that is becoming prevalent in the world of tech.

Approyo supports companies making their shift to the SAP HANA platform by developing ‘ready to deploy’ and secure predictive analytics solutions. However, in the beginning, clients were not ready to embrace moving SAP applications to the cloud. But, given enough time, Approyo helped the clients to get moving. Carter remembers, “It took one CTO with the faith to try our SAP clouded solution, we gave him 100% of our time and in turn, he gave us his trust and it blossomed from there.”

The company’s real-world SAP solutions and simple process to move to the cloud are some of the reasons behind its steady growth over the years. With its team of global experts, Approyo is available to clients 24x7. The roadmap to success gives customers better insight and access to important business data, allowing the opportunity to take a look at big picture needs.

Company Insights

The CEO and his team bring in a wealth of relationships in the SAP ecosystem. With these relationships, Approyo has built its strong network that has become its important asset. Also, the expert team at Approyo are spread all over the world and are dedicated to helping customers realize the business benefits of big data, IoT, and cloud computing.

Positioning itself globally has been an advantage to Approyo, as the company is where the clients are. On the technology side, Approyo’s solutions allow for fast implementation and increased flexibility for customers of all shapes and sizes. This has become an important asset to the company.

And not to forget the expertise of Chris Carter himself, who comes with 25 years of experience. “Just keep going forward!  Do not stop, do not let others tell you to stop if you believe you can do!  Trust your technology, but pivot if you need to and do it fast,” he notes. Carter also advises that one must have an interesting solution/product that solves problems in a unique way. And next, one must be able to clearly tell the story and make an impact.

Transforming your company for now and the future

By bringing SAP HANA cloud offerings to customers faster and more efficiently than anyone in the SAP ecosystem positions, Approyo is gaining more and more traction in the technology world. Carter says, “I want to help, as simple as that, to offer up our team to help companies have a better and stronger solution at their fingertips that support their needs and high standards.”

Approyo is a true business partnerto its clients. The company works with an agenda for customers to grow with SAP and SAP HANA. And since it works with some of the best breed technology partners in the SAP ecosystem, it uncovers new business opportunities.

On a recent note, Approyo just launched SAP S/4HANA Ignite that supports companies to have a true SAP S/4HANA sandbox ready for them to use just in minutes.Approyo feels that a couple of years from now, the company will grow to newer heights. “Everyday I feel we and our staff are growing, we always want to be helpers growing to support our customers, and helping them get to the next level,” notes the CEO.

Meet the Mastermind of Approyo

Christopher Carter is the Founder and CEO of Approyo. He has earned his graduation in Computers from Georgia Tech and he has nearly 25 years of experience in the Big Data and SAP industry. Carter works with business around the globe, to assist them in their journey to the usage of Big Data in the forms of Hadoop and SAP HANA. For his immense contribution, he has been nationally recognized by The American SAP Users Group, SAP, Hadoop World and more.

 “Every time SAP adds a new solution, we want to be the 1st to get it in a cloud and to offer it to the world.”

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