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ARIIX: Unleashing the Greatness of Human Potential

ARIIX: Unleashing the Greatness of Human Potential

Modernity today is driven on the internet. While there is a wide range of products and services a customer can choose from, he/she often goes for authenticity. Here’s ARIIX, a company that is formulated on a “house-of-brands” philosophy allowing Representatives to choose how to grow their business. ARIIX doesn’t channel its focus on magical products with outrageous claims. Rather, ARIIX touts the unique concept of the Representative Bill of Rights. There’s definitely more to know about the Representative concept and a lot more about ARIIX.

That’s why we interviewed the CEO and Founder of ARIIX- Dr. Fred Cooper.

ARIIX was started in 2011. Tell us about the journey so far.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to the principle of transforming the industry, transforming lives, and changing the world for the better. We saw an opportunity to create an environment where people could win — where the average person has a chance to succeed. We vowed to tip the scales back in favor of those who build the company- the entrepreneur distributor. We started with innovative practices and a Representative-first approach that is disruptive to the status quo. And we’re doing it!

How has ARIIX grown over the years?

People are noticing our unique approach. We’ve attracted tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to join the innovative and collaborative opportunity. Every year is great, but last year was especially impressive. We achieved year-over-year revenue growth of 24%, from $178 million to $220 million, with profits exceeding 8%. We also increased our Representative field by 32% over the previous year-end — that’s a lot of new Representatives to welcome! We like those numbers! The world is noticing that we are growing at an exponential — but steady — rate. ARIIX is now open in 21 markets, on four continents with 12 worldwide offices. But we are just getting started!

Brief us about the products and services offered by ARIIX.

Rather than teaching the industry-norm gospel of “miracle cures based on a plant we found in the Amazon rainforest,” through collaborative partnerships with our Wellness and Athletes Councils, Partners Council, and Scientific Advisory Board, we develop innovative and efficacious products that fill a market need. We aren’t known as the “juice” company or the “wellness” company. We provide a diversified product offering with brands that stand on their own and work together.

Take a look at ARIIX Travel. Instead of offering fancy cars that come with a hefty payment and can be lost if a certain sales level isn’t maintained, ARIIX offers rewards that last a lifetime. Representatives earn Reward Dollars with every ARIIX purchase and can put them toward their vacations. We’re breaking the mold and offering truly unique rewards never before seen in the industry!

In reference to the current market, how appealing is ARIIX?

Incredibly! We actually have people trying to duplicate our business models. It happens all the time! But, that’s one of the biggest things that make us stand out. We don’t duplicate other models, we create industry-first models that disrupt the industry for a new kind of success. And we’re getting noticed! For a company only seven years young, to create the growth and momentum we have around the world is astonishing. That makes us attractive for people across the globe who see a difference in what we do.

Our largest growth (in all regions) is with millennial Representatives and customers. These members are vastly different than Representatives of the past, who express their opinions freely. You can’t overlook these factors if you want them to work for you or to buy your products. For these groups especially, nothing matters more than getting together to play and to listen, face-to-face, to hear what they want.

Unexpected situations are bound to happen. How prepared are you for them?

In business, the only thing constant is change, and we understand that in order to survive, we must be extraordinary all day, every day. This means we need to look ahead of trends, identify potential roadblocks, and outline multiple outcomes. Of course, one can’t see everything that lies ahead, so we’ve got to have the grit and determination to stick with it, even when things get hard. But the beauty of nearly every situation is that it provides the opportunity to turn unexpected issues into breakthroughs and innovations that make us even stronger than before. As key leadership, we strive to provide the example of expecting the unexpected and creating opportunities where none were before. It’s our winning attitude!

Leader Builder

Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO & Founder

Dr. Fred Cooper is one of the world's foremost experts in the management of direct selling companies, emerging as a respected leader with a knack for creating lucrative opportunities on a global scale. A true innovator and direct sales pioneer, Fred sees opportunities where others don’t and has the unique ability to create revolutionary business models that benefit the independent business owner — like the industry-first and patent-pending ACTIV8 Compensation Plan. A world-renowned speaker, Fred’s industry presence has earned him the title of Top CEO in the World by Business for Home, the leading industry publication.

Always dedicated to the evolution of education, Fred has shared his business expertise as a professor at the University of Utah and is an original founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. Valued by the Chinese government as a results-driven visionary, Fred is one of only 40 recipients worldwide to receive an honorary professorship from the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, China and membership in the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC). Through these Chinese appointments, Fred is highly valued for his contributions to resolving commerce issues in the global marketplace.

Impeccable Scoreboard

-No. 57 on the 2018 Direct Selling News Global 100 list

-Two-time winner of Japan’s Company with Emerging Growth

-Gold Stevie Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year

-No. 2,935 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, due to its 139% three-year growth

“In this industry, I’ve learned that there’s never a time to rest on your laurels.”

“We provide a diversified product offering with brands that stand on their own and work together.”

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