Alexa ARMADA: A world-class Partner and Provider of Preparedness and Protection Solutions
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ARMADA: A world-class Partner and Provider of Preparedness and Protection Solutions

ARMADA: A world-class Partner and Provider of Preparedness and Protection Solutions

Increased terror activities in the cyberspace, as well as the real world, have sent shockwaves around the world. Fear and terror seem to be the undercurrent for everyone, including business organizations. You may never know when the next attack is coming and if you’re going to be a victim. Being prepared for anything is an essential criterion for modern mankind. And to keep you prepared and help you prevent, we have with us ARMADA. Security is an effective blend of business and protection and should be comfortable and seamless to the individual or organization is what ARMADA believes in.

ARMADA is a world-class provider of mitigation, prevention, preparedness, protection, response, and recovery solutions. “Holding true to the meaning of the term “Armada”, ARMADA Ltd. offers a fleet of capabilities to address your organization’s personnel, asset, reputation, and information assurance concerns,” says the president of the company, Tom Foos. Consulting, Training, Protective Services, and Investigation / Intelligence solutions are the four primary capabilities delivered by ARMADA.

The small business that service-disabled and veteran-owned will always help you navigate your way to appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Headquartered in Central Ohio, ARMADA’s core business is to provide preparedness and protection solutions to clients. “Our senior staff comes from various backgrounds including public safety; healthcare emergency preparedness; local, state & federal law enforcement; homeland security and emergency management,” proudly notes the president. Combined, the overall leadership experience of ARMADA exceeds 450 years in providing its response and recovery service.

When it comes to proactively and innovatively prevent or mitigating risk, ARMADA stresses the importance of professionalism. That’s why, it’s been ARMADA’s mission to work in partnership with organizations to protect their people, assets, infrastructure, and reputation. It doesn’t matter if you operate a small or Fortune 500 company, or if you represent a local, state or federal government entity. ARMADA prides itself on superior customer care. “Our customers are our most valuable assets. We offer our customers global experience,” he says.

Upholding Values

  • Professionalism: Serving others with competence and courtesy
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing for the right reasons
  • Teamwork: Partnering to achieve common goals
  • Commitment: Stepping up to meet formidable challenges
  • Execution: Following through on well-thought plans

The Experts

In this fast-paced world, the demand for experts to fight against the growing risk mitigation environment is always high. ARMADA welcomes all to this fight, including full-timers, part-timers, as well as professional independent contractors. ARMADA is a cut above the rest. Every team member at the company brings in more than their superior skill set. They are performance driven, future-focused, and have a positive impact on an entire team.

Speaking about his team, Mr. Foos says, “Our organization employs subject matter experts from a number of industries, as well as full-time and intermediate staff from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.” The fields that ARMADA is an expert in are Emergency Management Planning, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments, Investigations, Security System Design, Technology Integration, Executive/VIP Protection, Crisis/Incident Management, Business Operations, Project Management, and Corporate and Tactical Training.

Success tale of Cincinnati Metro and ARMADA

Here’s the story of how Cincinnati Metro and ARMADA worked together. Since Cincinnati Metro hadn’t exercised its security plan for many years, there was great hesitation from them as they started this process. “I can tell you that the professional service that we received from Armada was the success of our mission,” says the director of security at the organization, Mike Weil. ARMADA was able to custom tailor a scenario that challenged Cincinnati Metro organization without disrupting the day to day operations and provided with solid feedback. It even created a solid footing to improve upon in the future. “We will certainly use Armada again in the future, and I would highly recommend any initiative that Lee Foster is involved in,” he says positively.

Meet the Security Hero

Mr. Tom Foos is President and co‐founder of ARMADA, Ltd. where he is responsible for strategic growth initiatives and marketing for the company’s suite of capabilities.  Mr. Foos brings over 22 years of military, public administration and corporate security experience to ARMADA.  Prior to establishing ARMADA, Mr. Foos held a number of senior positions within state government and worked in security management in the private sector. Additionally, Mr. Foos is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  During his most recent deployment, he served as the Commander of the U.S. Marine Security Forces that protected Camp Lemonier which is located in Djibouti and is the only U.S. military installation on the continent of Africa.  In addition to that responsibility, Mr. Foos oversaw force protection for the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti and U.S. ships utilizing the Port of Djibouti. Mr. Foos earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The Ohio State University.  

“Your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.”

“We offer our customers global experience.”

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