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Arraya Solutions delivers the intelligence, tools and resources companies need to rise to the top of their field

Arraya Solutions delivers the intelligence, tools and resources companies need to rise to the top of their field

Arraya Solutions established in the year 1999 was born with a mission to fuse technological expertise and personal service in order to educate and qualify their customers to solve their individual IT challenges.

Currently, the firm has grown greatly with the help of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals and it has developed to a stage where it can meet the needs of clients of all sizes, and in any industry.

 The company has its own line of managed services and has forged partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the industry and holds true to its mission and values to work with each and every customer to develop solutions for their unique business needs. Arraya works with its customers, not for them—engaging IT departments with the intelligence, tools, and resources they need to deliver value back to their business and elevate IT from a position of support to one of leadership. This is what makes the company different.

Offered solutions

Data Center

Experience flexibility, scalability, performance and security improvements within the foundation that supports your IT infrastructure. Arraya’s experts are ready to plan, design and implement compute, storage and networking technologies that will give your team the tools they need to deliver world-class IT service.

Enterprise Networks

Introduce simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and high-availability to the infrastructure that delivers IT services and information to consumers both inside and outside your organization. Arraya’s experts can deliver on the promise of true borderless networks without sacrificing security, performance or control.


Expand the boundaries of your infrastructure and improve your ability to deliver IT services quickly and securely. Let Arraya show you how a balanced approach to incorporating cloud-service models into your IT strategy can improve resource consumption, capacity, and control while allowing room for growth.

Collaboration & Communication

Utilize the latest platforms, tools, and technologies to facilitate real-time communication between end-users and support content, document and file sharing across your organization. Let Arraya show you how a strategy of consolidation and consistency can simplify provisioning and management and improve quality of service for users.

Well done!

The Cisco Charged Innovation Award from Tech Data is presented to partners who have gone above and beyond selling Cisco products and are creating game-changing solutions and tools built upon a base of Cisco technology. This award was presented to Arraya based on the strength of a number of projects including building a Managed Security Service around the Cisco Sourcefire platform, an IoT practice focused around manufacturing and a Big Data practice focused on helping organizations centralize and monetize disparate data.

SmartCEO's Corporate Culture Awards honor companies whose creative and collaborative workplace cultures have helped them improve performance and sustain a competitive advantage. Arraya was honored for its open culture, which empowers employees of all ranks to feel comfortable taking an active role in the direction of the company. This culture is built around the idea that employees should never feel bound to the status quo because if they are, it will prevent the company from improving and growing. This is instilled early on with new hires and reinforced regularly during employee interactions with everyone from their direct supervisors and up through Arraya's leadership team.

Arraya works for a good cause

Simon’s Fund provides free heart screenings to children in the Greater Philadelphia area in order to catch previously undiagnosed heart conditions which could lead to sudden cardiac arrest. The organization also authored the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Law to protect student-athletes, which has been passed in six states so far. Simon’s Fund has screened almost 11,000 children and discovered previously unknown, potentially-fatal heart conditions in just under 100.

Tech Impact is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world. The organization is the place nonprofits can call to make sense of anything from large-scale technology projects, to technology maintenance and support. Tech Impact partners with hundreds of organizations around the world to help each one realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission and improve outcomes.

The Timothy School is the oldest non-profit school in Pennsylvania and it benefits children and young adults who’ve been diagnosed with autism. The school’s primary purpose is to help its students develop the knowledge, life skills, and support structures they need to be successful.

Welcome the hero of Arraya: Daniel J. Lifshutz, Principal and Chief Executive Officer

As Founder and CEO, Dan is responsible for steering Arraya Solutions’ business innovation and strategy. He works closely with customers to effectively meet their IT business needs, through an understanding of their business vision and goals. Dan co-founded Arraya in 1999 and drove the company’s growth from a four-person consulting firm into a leading IT consultancy and integrator that services clients in all industries throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

“Through an extensive offering of IT solutions, advisory, consulting, staffing and managed services, we empower our customers to achieve impactful outcomes. Arraya delivers the tools, talent, and technological expertise companies need to rise to the top of their field.”

We focus on building strong relationships with our customers that instill comfort, trust and peace of mind. ”

Our objective is to fully understand your business and provide customized solutions and service—tailored to your needs. ”

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