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Providing cloud-based and edge-enabled software for the management of enterprise-scale industrial data science solutions: Arundo Analytics

Providing cloud-based and edge-enabled software for the management of enterprise-scale industrial data science solutions: Arundo Analytics

The drive to understand customers is increasing, and so is the need for accurate real-time analytics. While social media and online usage are on the rise, so is digital marketing data. Social media and other digital marketing tools can be the key to understanding what the customer wants, needs, and how they feel about a certain product. The data from digital marketing campaigns can help a business understand their customer and improve how they market to them. The analysis of data behind a campaign can pinpoint its success, why, and how the audience interacted with it. This data can help the business cost savings, as they will see which channels are working and which to stop.

Arundo Analytics is one such company that provides edge-enabled software for the deployment and management of enterprise-scale industrial data science solutions. Arundo's software allows industrial companies and other organizations to increase revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risks through machine learning and other analytical solutions that connect industrial data to advanced models and connect model insights to business decisions. Built for capital-intensive, highly-engineered operations, products turn your industrial data into value. Designed to interoperate with existing instrumentation, control, and IT systems, its software allows companies to get started quickly with IoT, AI, machine learning, and other data analytics. Arundo's proprietary software for asset-intensive industries enables applications for oil & gas, maritime, power, chemicals, and industrial equipment productivity and performance improvement. Its products are built for industrial users and focus on creating rapid value from industrial analytics.

Innovative services for digital analytics journey

DataSeer: It automatically detects and auto-labels data from piping & instrumentation (P&ID) and other engineering diagrams, lists, and reports. Its search function is up to 100 times faster than manual searches. It enables rapid export of valve, instrument, line number, and table data into easy-to-use, standardized CSV formats. With detection errors of less than 1% and a simple verification interface for users, DataSeer significantly improves quality control and quality assurance for large engineering diagram data extraction needs. DataSeer can extract data from piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and isometric drawings (ISO). It has a powerful text search feature that lets you find text that would be undiscoverable in other applications. To use this feature, enter text keywords in the Pattern field during the identification and review process.

Marathon Suite: It enables equipment operators, production engineers, and maintenance managers to achieve higher levels of asset availability and reliability. Marathon allows users to monitor their equipment or fleet of equipment in multiple ways. Whether you are at the start of the digital journey or are looking for a mature solution, Marathon helps to monitor dashboard with configurable threshold alerts; anomaly detects alerts and investigation workflows with an equipped health assessment. Only by having intuitive, relevant workflows which resonate with the user will the insights turn into action. The workflows are designed alongside industrial end-users and are configured for each customer.

Arundo Edge Agent: Based on deep experience in field control and SCADA systems and cloud architecture, the firm has created the easiest way to connect, analyze, and act upon remote field data. Connect in minutes, compute locally, and make better decisions rapidly. Edge Agent manages common edge computing pain points. It is built for environments with low or no connectivity, such as ships at sea or remote operating sites. It is also open, scalable, and secure technology certified and trusted by leading computer manufacturers and industry certification bodies. This system connects to existing equipment, historians, and systems via open industry standards such as ModBus, OPC UA, and OPC DA. Complete, stand-alone analytics foundation for edge computing: collects data, executes models, and can expose results locally.

The visionary leader

Tor Jakob Ramsøy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arundo Analytics. Previously a senior partner in McKinsey & Company's Business Technology Office, Mr. Tor Jakob led McKinsey's technology service lines in the Global Energy Practice and the EMEA Big Data/Advanced Analytics, and was also the country manager for McKinsey Norway and led the BTO office in Scandinavia. Prior to joining McKinsey, he worked as a partner in Accenture.

"We provide practical software products and services that improve the operation of industrial equipment, systems, and processes through enterprise-scale machine learning and analytics."

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