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Karen Cole, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Assura Inc.—“Our vision is to safeguard the future, one client at a time.”

Karen Cole, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Assura Inc.—“Our vision is to safeguard the future, one client at a time.”

In today’s computerized world, new risks emerge every hour of everyday. Connecting to the internet allows a hacker to target your organization. Cybercrime is becoming big business, and cyber risk is a global focus of organizations and governments.Financial and reputational risks are high if organizations don’t have an appropriate cybersecurity plan.

Did you know that in 2021, 64 percent of firms worldwide have experienced at least one form of a cyberattack? And did you know that cyberattacks increased by 50 percent in 2021 compared to 2020? This does not sound very good, but luckily, business owners now have the means to fight the malicious actors targeting their companies, threatening to expose sensitive customer data, and disrupt their operations for days.

From financial transactions and e-mail correspondence to professional networking and collaborative work documents, industries rely on technology to be connected at all times and conduct work effectively. However, when these lines of communication are threatened or even compromised, it can have a disastrous effect on the business.

A Cyber Security breaches survey conducted by the UK government in 2018 revealed that as many as four in ten businesses had spent nothing to protect themselves from cybersecurity attacks. A separate survey by ITProPortal also found that a third of UK small businesses risked their online safety by operating at or below the “security poverty line.” The most frequent types of cyber-criminal activity were impersonating organizations onlineandsending fraudulent e-mails. Malevolent e-mails were also found to be the most common type of cyberattack in Symantec’s Internet security and threat report. The consequences of cyber-crime are costly as the total average cost of a data breach in 2019 is $3.92 million, in research conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

Therefore, every organization needs a cybersecurity provider to protect customers, business, and employee data from miscreants on the internet. Assura Inc. is one of the best cybersecurity providers for your business to withstand and face any cybersecurity threat.

Providing the ultimate cybersecurity—Assura Inc.

If your business is connected like most businesses need to be today, you justify beingsecure. Being secure is not a privilege—it’s a right. Assura is dedicated to making that happen for your organization. For some,the democratization of cybersecurity may seem a little far-fetched. But that’s what Assura is creating for businesses across the country—protecting their and customers’ data by making the industry’s best cybersecurity approachable and attainable without settling for less.

Cybersecurity for all isn’t just something Assura Inc. talks about. It’s their passion.

Cybersecurity is what Assura strives to achieve every day. In order to do that,the team at Assura thinks unconventionally. Break the norms. Think outside the box. Assura’s eyes are on the prize, which means achieving security for the little guys, the mid-size ones, and the big guys. Everyone is on a level field and going up against the bad guys. And Assura is winning day in and day out. You no longer have to be a giant company to be cyber secure because of Assura Inc.

“Our vision is to safeguard the future, one client at a time. We believe people have a right to live without fear, to have their data protected, to keep what’s personal private, and that security is a right, not a privilege,” says co-founder and CEO of Assura Inc., Karen Cole.

Values—Driving Assura forward

These five values arethe core principles for running the entire business at Assura. Karen Cole promises these values will remain as the cybersecurity landscape evolves and changes.

Walk the talk

Actions speak louder than words. All employees atAssura share and uphold the responsibility of bringing the firm’s values to life. They can actually do everything they say.

Sweat the details

The details are the difference between exceptional and service mediocre service. Assure’s employees will think outside the box to exceed client expectations every time. That starts with analyzing every miniature detail to uncover the best path forward.

Own the outcome

Each team member owns the outcome of their actions to the client and there is no throwing it over the wall after their part is done. Assura’s employees are entirely responsible and empowered to ensure that they not only meet but exceed the expectations of clients and colleagues.

Eat our own dog food

Assura uses the products it represents and follows the same advice we give our clients. They are confident in what they do because they know from experience that their security solutions and products work.

No a-holes allowed

Assura is invested in the success of each other internally and its clients externally. There’s no room for excuses, mediocrity, or negativity. Assura hasa learning and teaching culture that guides the way forward to benefit all stakeholders.

Guiding Assura Inc. to industry-wide dominance

Karen Cole is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Assura Inc. Although Karen grew up on a farm in Virginia, her family nicknamed her “the black thumb of death” when it comes to plant life. So obviously,that lead to a career in IT, not horticulture.

She was a cybersecurity practitioner long before it was cool. Many call her a unicorn because she’s a real, live female cybersecurity CEO who paid her dues in the industry. Karen is passionate about grooming the next generation of security professionals. When not running Assura, she bakes cookies and banana bread that would make Gordon Ramsay weep with joy and spends time with her two kids and her husband.

“Only guarantees in life are death, taxes, and cybersecurity. We deliver on that last one.”

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