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At Flexport, we believe all people should be seamlessly connected in order to conduct trade

At Flexport, we believe all people should be seamlessly connected in order to conduct trade

 For any company dealing in the global import and export of goods, a reliable freight forwarder can be a real asset, saving their clients a lot of time, headaches, and money. We introduce you to Flexport who believes in businesses working together which according to them is a global trade. Freight forwarding is the $2 trillion industry that runs as the circulatory system of global trade, without which global trade wouldn’t be existing.


The company’s vision is to seamlessly connect so that the trade is conducted without obstacles like restriction on physical borders, boundaries, or political agendas. This is the reason why the company is coming up with the first Operating System for Global Trade, a strategic operating model that combines technology and analytics, logistics infrastructure, and hands-on supply chain expertise. helps in offering the company’s clients, NGO’s, and donor organizations, carbon offsets, discounted offsets, discounted shipping, and pro bono supply chain counseling to help missions going forward.

Flexport will help you get a driven, accountable partner determined to enhance your business. The company is here to aid you right from daily support to monthly and quarterly business reviews. Flexport says, “We’re here to empower you with supply chain transparency, efficiency, and agility to grow your bottom line. It’s why 84% of surveyed clients consider their Flexport team to be an extension of their logistics team.”

Bid goodbye to the tools like emails, spreadsheets and other headaches and welcome your team’s new logistics launchpad. Shipment tracking. Collaboration. Insights and analytics. “With Flexport, you’ll have direct access to your Squad right through our platform at all times. Through integrated messaging and event tracking at the shipment level, your Squad can continually update you and your team, so there are no surprises.”

Case study to understand the benefits of Flexport

Gerber founded in 1932, is a top manufacturer of commercial and residential plumbing fixtures. It is headquartered in Woodridge, Illinois, outside of Chicago. Gerber basically does the work of importing thousands of container shipments every year from its suppliers in China and Mexico into the United States.

With more shipping happening over the ocean, making itself visible consistently and meeting the warehouse staffing requirements started to become tough. At the same time, with several trusted local trucking partners handling last-mile delivery, Gerber sought greater visibility into what was driving its accessorial costs in order to optimize performance on the road and in its warehouses.

With the help of Flexport’s breakthrough technology and data analytics platform, Gerber could connect parties in its supply chain and keep them informed in real time. This gave more visibility to Gerber and the partnership also contributed to the improvement of warehouse and trucking applications to get more visibility with strong vendor performance and minimal logistics costs. 

Thomas, Gerber’s U.S. Transportation Manager is operating the company’s supply chain. She said, “When I began to look for a freight forwarding partner, I was looking for greater visibility and service.” “Our biggest issue is always visibility of the supply chain. We didn’t have great data around it, and we didn’t have solid KPIs. So it was very difficult for us to know if we were getting what we paid for, or if our rates and timelines were competitive.”

Thomas and Gerber were pulled to Flexport, “the modernity of data and the analytics...the ability to reliably get our products on the container, as well as finding a new way to do it with better visibility and control of our supply chain. Moving to Flexport has given us the ability to pivot, sometimes mid-route, to meet customer demand.”

Gerber was helped by Flexport in shipping 9.7 million units, Gerber realized a 10% reduction in total costs in its first year — with less than 1% of its cargo rolled.

"With Flexport, the visibility of our supply chain has gone up tenfold, giving us better understanding and control," RoxAnne Thomas.

Meet the pillar of Flexport: Ryan Petersen, Founder & CEO

Prior to starting Flexport to fix the user experience in global trade, Ryan was co-founder and CEO of, a data-as-a-service business for global shipping. He holds a degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Columbia University.

“At Flexport, expertise is a core component in the Operating System for Global Trade.”

“Through, we offer programs for our clients, NGOs, and donor organizations, including carbon offsets, discounted shipping, and pro bono supply chain counseling, to move their sustainability and aid missions forward.”

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