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Atempo—preserving and managing data ecosystems for  mid-sized and large corporate organizations

Atempo—preserving and managing data ecosystems for mid-sized and large corporate organizations

In recent decades, data security and management have remained significant domains. As data is being traversed, there are chances of misuse. This demand has risen worldwide due to persistent data breaches. Hence, securing data and finding strategies for the same is required.

Data is also essential in enterprises for business intelligence and performance assessment purposes. The management team and other employees within a firm are constantly accessing data and information for decision-making. They are constantly interacting with dashboards and reports.

Atempo is one of the best companies you can choose from for your data security and management needs. It has a reputation for high-level technical expertise in data management, including protecting and migrating huge unstructured data volumes for sectors such as Banking & Finance, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, and more. In a world where competition in different business units is growing through the use of technology, it has become paramount to make use of effective data security and management solutions to gain success in the long run.

In the IT world, data sets are best understood when viewed as ecosystems within unique enviroments. Atempo sees big and ever-growing data as the permanent mutation. Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with a global presence. The firm provides solutions to protect, store, move and recover all your data.

In conversation with Luc D’Urso, CEO of Atempo

Q. What is unique about Atempo compared to its competitors?

Atempo is an expert in data management and protection with over 10,000 active customers. These customers benefit from solutions and technologies created by Atempo, enabling them to drive mission-critical data requirements efficiently.

Atempo reinforces your data sovereignty, regardless of whether you are an SMB or Fortune 500 corporation. You are in control of your data be it orchestration from edge to on-premise to cloud, disk to object to tape, or from archive to synchronization to backup across multiple storage vendors.

Atempo solutions enable you to understand your data, ensure data mobility, optimize storage cost, and implement a disaster recovery plan. Atempo solutions optimize business workflows in a scalable and secured manner. By delivering solutions with no vendor lock-in, Atempo allows you to adopt multiple storage technologies to increase business efficiency.

Atempo’s cutting-edge solutions solve specific pain points facing many industries such as HPC, research and education, health, automotive and more. Our deep knowledge and expertise in large data volumes are adaptable to the needs of the most demanding organizations requiring the highest safety and privacy levels for their data.

Q. Why do you think digital data is an asset to today’s economy?

Digital data is not just the “asset” to today’s economy; it is today’s economy. Whenever you need to create a new vaccine, find alternative energies, or build new physical infrastructure, gaining actionable data is the goal of any research and development initiative.

When using existing data, you will create even more data. Any new data that gets reused and creates additional economic growth. Thus, there is an endless loop where data is continuously at the center of all growth. Today’s extensive adoption of AI is the perfect example to illustrate this. Like any growing ecosystem, the ever-increasing volume of data needs to be adequately managed and protected. Companies that are agile in deploying data management and protection strategies simply have an edge on the competition.

Q. What are the benefits of using Miria for cloud-based file archiving?

  • Miria simplifies cloud access for organizations using archiving technology. There are different reasons for archiving data in the cloud, such as: Make savings on storage costs. Long-lasting archiving in the cloud is well suited to archives that do not require recovery;
  • Searching for shared archives accessible from different sites and locations;
  • Moving away from having to manage the material part of archiving media (migration from LTO 6 to LTO 8, for example) and the material (tape libraries, object storage, etc.);
  • A place to store a second or a third copy of one’s data.

Miria makes the difference by enabling organizations to maintain control over data and freely decide the storage type without depending on storage and without economic impacts.

You can use one or multiple clouds and still maintain your data sovereignty while being in a position at any time to decide to relocate the archive or cross restore on whatever destination is suited for you. On-demand or automated archiving is made easy by leveraging either UIs or APIs.

Elaborate about Atempo providing automated protection for Microsoft 365 components.

To ensure proper Microsoft 365 Components, backup is critical for enterprises to maintain their data sovereignty. Atempo offers a complete backup solution for all Microsoft 365 services: Teams, Sharepoint, Exchange Online, and OneDrive. The solution enables end users to backup Microsoft 365 data on any storage type (on-premise, cloud, disk, tape, etc.), allowing businesses to build efficient data recovery plans within hybrid infrastructures. Many organizations must have a disaster recovery plan, including an on-premise or offline backup, which Atempo can easily accommodate. 

Atempo’s data protection solution provides flexibility and adaptability to organizations using Microsoft 365 services and makes data recovery more manageable and cost-efficient.

Q. How proud is Atempo to be recognized as a “representative vendor” by Gartner?

The recognition of Gartner as a “Representative Vendor” highlights how Atempo solves the challenges of complex user environments. Atempo Miria is the sole unstructured data management platform operating as a data services provider. Miria answers multiple workflows that a modern organization must deploy across on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Atempo makes it easy to analyze, migrate, synchronize, backup, and archive large amounts of file data regardless of the heterogeneity of the storage system. Atempo is justly proud of having been recognized by Gartner. Miria since the beginning has been engineered to help customers enable their complex file business workflows, and this recognition is a validation of our strategy and achievements.

Making data security and management hassle-free and blazing fast

Luc D’Urso is the CEO of Atempo. A graduate of the ESCAE (Business School), Luc started his career in Geneva, Switzerland, at the European headquarters of the Alcoa Corporation (Aluminum Company of America). After dedicating over ten years to developing companies which specialized in a variety of things from international manufacturing and distribution of sporting goods, to telecom, he created Wooxo in 2010, a provider of data protection for small businesses.

In August 2017, in association with Cyprien Roy, Luc D’Urso bought European data protection and data management company, Atempo from the American company, ASG.

In 2019, Luc was selected as “Best CEO in CyberSecurity” by the European Magazine, Banking and Finance and “Most Influential CEO in CyberSecurity” by CV Magazine.

“Highly Scalable Data Protection and Management Solutions.”

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