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October Edition 2020

atisfy® : Innovating in Marketing Solutions With AI

atisfy® : Innovating in Marketing Solutions With AI

AI is changing marketing at a rapid pace. It is helping areas that have traditionally been heavily time-consuming and difficult to automate. This evolution includes applications such as replacing live chats with chatbots and transitioning from criteria-based lead scoring into pure data science-driven lead scoring. Atisfy, a Singapore-based company, is revolutionizing marketing with such AI innovations.

Founded by Hersh Bhatt, Atisfy is a data-driven full-service marketing company for modern businesses. With a database of over 10 million influencers across the globe, Atisfy leverages its AI-driven machine learning algorithms to analyze 30 billion pieces of content and 10 trillion content views. “We dedicate ourselves to helping you drive growth and measurable results,” said Hersh Bhatt, Founder, and CEO of Atisfy.

Asked about AI and what it means to a technology-driven company like Atisfy, Hersh Bhatt said, “In our view, modern definitions of artificial intelligence fall into a few groups. The most interesting areas to us are; understanding human speech. Additionally, we value competing with people at games that require strategic thinking and the ability to automatically operate cars or web crawlers and the intelligent routing of content delivery networks.”

The Singapore-based company is one of the leading marketing solutions providers that leverage AI. “The field of artificial intelligence is so broad that we like to look at it from its subsect as there is no company that addresses the entire field of AI,” Hersh added.

Marketing- Benefiting From AI Innovation

Much of the world’s population is worried about Artificial Intelligence innovations and how it could cause massive human job loss. But there is a silver lining to this cloud. The field designs will undoubtedly drive human beings to spend more time on creative tasks that need more strategizing. “As has happened with any technological advancement, there will be some jobs that will no longer require as much human touch as is required today. The field of marketing has grown broad and responsible for everything, from PR to business growth. The increment of smart technologies available will bring balance back into marketing, a department that, based on our research, is almost perpetually viewed as understaffed,” opines the CEO.

Marketing has always been a vertical that has been understaffed, but it has evolved over the last ten years. The innovations with AI are raising fear as a threat in many verticals. Still, perhaps these may be the much-required augmentation that will help marketing teams feel staffed in the level they need to achieve their goals.

Many artificially intelligent algorithms are capable of learning from data; this makes marketing one of the few fields most often viewed as benefiting from AI or big data. Atisfy’s influencer marketing product and its two components, “atisfyreach and atisfyre,” do not merely make matches through a pre-defined algorithm. The company persistently works to go beyond this process by enabling past results to help the application generate new algorithms that match an individual influencer to business-specific goals.

Atisfy is soon revealing atisfyreach. A product that will use natural language processing and a new-to-the-world match-making system will rely on an AI algorithm to learn from its successes and failures. The product promises to be a disruptive force in Influencer Marketing, which will help thousands of influencers market their campaigns effectively. “We will reveal more as we launch in the next few months,” said Hersh. On the other hand, the company’s atisfyre product will soon help influencers monetize their offerings like never before. It will use artificial intelligence to get an increasingly personalized set of jobs offered to them. AI will measure the impact of actions influencers take across any platforms. Due to the endless possible ways in which they can earn while still expressing themselves creatively. Through this product, artificial intelligence is deploying to help influencers make choices that are more suited to their goals and help them get a deeper understanding of their audience. Atisfy often utilizes a method that is known as evolutionary AI. As the name implies, it exists to include goals by using an adaptability measure to mutate and later show a preference for the higher scoring mutations and eliminate the lower scoring ones, very similar to how life has reached its point. “In marketing, this is precious as this is how creatives can optimize in an ad network. Websites can optimize in a content management system, and personalization criteria can in real-time work as successful or failures,” stated Hersh.

Atisfy intends to provide more AI applications to businesses to supercharge their marketing efficiency and help them utilize their working hours in areas that have more creative tasks. Currently, the company is slowly transitioning into a more AI-driven system of optimizations, particularly for performance-based advertising.

The Marketing Pioneer

With a prolific marketing background, Hersh is one of the rare T-shaped marketers. They understand all the channels in the marketing world. He is continuously looking to productize repetitive processes to help brands do more with fewer resources. A highly philosophical thinker and a business growth expert, Hersh leads the company with a hands-on approach that involves him across the board.

“With a database of over 10 million influencers across the globe, Atisfy leverage its AI-driven machine learning algorithms to analyze 30 billion pieces of content and 10 trillion content views.”

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