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Atisfy: Marketing Solutions Redefined

Atisfy: Marketing Solutions Redefined

Culture happens, whether you try to implement one or not. It is a leader’s job to ensure that the right culture is being put in place to have a proactive workplace culture. Because in the absence of excellent workplace culture, a disjointed culture can easily creep up and make a workplace counter-productive and damaging. Hersh Bhatt, the founder, and CEO of atisfy, is a strong proponent of this school of thought. His strong views on having a strong culture have helped atisfy shape its workplace, which resoundingly influential in corporate circles for its lively and proactive workplace demeanor.

Even small businesses, the best companies globally, run well, and remain healthy and grow because of their excellent workplace culture. This environment is infectious for the employees that determine defining working relationships between employees, their satisfaction, and partnership with clients. And the most valuable companies on earth, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft, emphasize having a strong culture. This passion-driven backbone is what Singapore headquartered atisfy too focuses on apart from delivering quality marketing solutions for businesses worldwide.

Founded in 2018, Atisfy is one of the startups billed as the most robust growers in the marketing industry. But in a world where most startups work and tire themselves through long and intense work schedules, Atisfy takes a different approach. “Our view is different. Many startups have succeeded through this hustling attribute. Still, we always remind ourselves that we are not building this business to survive tomorrow. We are building a business to have longevity. Business building is a marathon, not a sprint. While there are periods we need to sprint, we generally take the marathon approach,” says Hersh Bhatt. While the company continues on its upward growth trajectory, it continues its emphasis on employee culture that believes in having talented staff as its number one asset. “Your marketing and sales could be incredibly powerful on paper. However, it is worthless without the right people who can put love into every interaction and every action,” says the CEO.

Cultural Evolution through Structural Changes

One of the best ways to evolve as a company is to make the structural changes that bring about a positive cultural evolution. But most companies plan it and talk about it at the workplace, and seldom take action towards making this significant step possible. But a recent move by atisfy has been refreshing. The company rolled out a system that has its employees reporting to two bosses instead of one. This move aims at offering employees more room for growth and broader exposure to information. Additionally, it is a revolutionary change as employees can quickly flag a concern when they get contradictory information or orders. This cross-pollination ensures that managers are also clear on what the employee goals are.

A Culture Defined By Meaningful Work

There is a correlation between employee engagement, happiness, and company culture. It is not strong enough to say they are synonyms. Idealistically, a company that promotes positive and productive environments are the ones that perform best. However, we can all agree that happy employees are not always productive employees. Hence, Atisfy takes a pro-active approach to develop conscious and subconscious employee engagement and creates a culture that is defined by meaningful work. Statistically, companies that are great in managing culture demonstrate better growth in revenue.

Atisfy defines culture as the operating system of a company. “It is the set of things we value, we believe in, and how they define the way we behave, and therefore this defines how the work we have to do gets done,” says Hersh.

Culture is essential in determining how employees feel every day and how they work. However, it is also one of the most defendable competitive advantages a business can have. Consider a scenario where you are a business in a market with an incredibly large number of competitors, with no patents or IP. There was no special pricing of differentiation in the products themselves. Culture is the only feature that best distinguishes one organization from another. And atisfy imbibes such a distinct and robust culture that creates a great workplace. We congratulate atisfy.

The Leader

Hersh Bhatt, Founder and CEO

Trained in marketing and management at The University of Melbourne, Hersh Bhatt joined an AI and data science startup as a marketer at 22. By the age of 23, he had become a marketing analyst. Hersh helped them attract their seed. Pre-series investors came through his generated buzz for their product launch and outperformed a marketing consultant. His growth has been phenomenal since then as he founded his first company aged just 25. Today, he is the founder of Atisfy and its subsidiaries, including Game Marketing Genie and Growth Marketing Genie.

“Your marketing and sales could be incredibly powerful on paper, but it is nothing without the right people who can put love into every interaction and every action.”

"Atisfy defines culture as the operating system of a company."

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